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Mom and Me (1996)

I don’t have many wedding photos because they were lost in one of our moves. I think they might have been thrown out. The only pictures we had were the ones taken by the photographer.

Here is one that sits on a shelf in Joshua’s room of my mom and me.


My mom passed away a few years later. I miss her dearly.


  1. Mama, you look exactly the same as your wedding photo!! That is awesome! I'm sorry for the loss of your mom, too. I can't even imagine how hard that would be!

  2. Thanks Jesse you are too kind ;)

    I miss her lots and wish the kiddos could have known their Grandma Mary.

    I love reading about the things you do with your mama. Makes me happy when I read how much you love her.

    One thing I miss is having a cup of java with my mom. She was a coffee lover.