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Packing Away the Books

This week has been busy and it’s only Tuesday. I haven’t been able to order any of our school stuff so I’ve been busy packing up this years stuff as well as many other school books. I’m on a mission to pack all books that won’t be used this year. Out of sight will be a good thing, I think!

We don’t have a garage so everything goes into a rental storage unit. If you are a regular reader you may know that almost four years a go we moved from a much larger 3500sft house to a one bath, 3 bedroom, small house. It’s been a huge adjustment and I’ll be honest, I’m not quiet about how much I dislike this house. I try and pray but my flesh takes over and, well, it’s not pretty. I try.

Anyway, in the past two days I’ve packed up over 100 books, textbook, and manipulatives.
School books
My sweet hubby has made me an excel spreadsheet. I log in every single book and item so if I need it I can find it. What a wonderful man I have.
I also pulled out stuff from my kitchen school cabinet.
School stuff
I don’t have the heart to get rid of this stuff yet. All my kids are beyond the manipulatives but I haven’t accepted it yet.

It’s hard putting so many books in storage. As I was logging them in there were so many I didn’t want to put in the box but I did.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful way to be organized with book storage.

    We've been getting rid of so many books and things around the house. It's FREEING!!! We took two loads to the dump and 1 truckload to the thrift store.

    I still have some piles left but ready to begin the clean up and then school will start soon!

  2. It's very freeing. I'm trying my best to put everything that we won't be using away. It's hard at times though.