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Schoolhouse Review: BrainFood Learning

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I have a house full of boys and one in particular we call Nature Boy because he loves to spend time outside watching the squirrels and/or catching insects.

As a Schoolhouse Crew Review member I had the opportunity to review The Fascinating World of Insects presented by BrainFood Learning. The target age for this 43 minute DVD is 3-11 and the cost is $14.99.
The Fascinating World of Insects DVD captures each insect up close in their original habitat. Your child will learn facts about bees, different beetles, the famous praying mantis, the annoying mosquitoes, the beautiful butterfly and dragonfly (my favorite), as well as the busy ants and the impressive water strider. Your child will learn the common name of each insect and the scientific name. Be sure they are listening because at the end of DVD there will be a quiz.

I watched The Fascinating World of Insects with my 8, 10, 11, and 12 year old boys. They were fascinated with the videography and pictures of the insects and we all enjoyed watching this DVD. My boys wanted more facts about the insects though. They each said what was shown on the video was what they already knew and it was, they all aced the quiz. With that said, the DVD is very well made, we all enjoyed it but we also agreed it’s for a younger audience. Maybe more like ages 3-9. It could be that my children need to watch The Fascinating World of Birds and/or The Fascinating World of Mammals. Those are two areas that we haven’t watched, studied and observed as much as the insects.
You can watch a 3 minute preview of each video on their website. You’ll need to scroll down a little because it’s at the bottom of the page.

My final thoughts: Beautifully well done and if my children were younger I know they would have watched it often. If you are studying insects and want an educational video to go along with it, The Fascinating World of Insects would be a good addition to your homeschool.

The Schoolhouse Crew Review had the opportunity to review all three DVDs, so please click on the banner below to read more, thank you!
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