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Schoolhouse Review: Classical Conversations


Classical Conversations provides Christ-Centered curriculum for grades K4-12th grade. One of their newest items, PreScript Cursive books.

The PreScript Cursive books were created to reinforce memory work and have the child copy passages from the Bible to history, depending on which book you choose.

We were blessed to receive PreScript Cursive Passages and Illuminations American Documents($12.99). The recommended age for this book is age 9 through high school and the child should have their cursive letters mastered. The book focuses on passages not letter formation.


I chose to review Passages and Illuminations American Documents because Annette has been interested in this type of art. She is currently studying the art of the medieval period as well, when manuscripts were written by hand and the first letter on the page was a work of art. She really has enjoyed the art of illumination.

In the book we reviewed the passages focus on historical American documents and speeches dated from 1501 (Christopher Columbus) to 1987 (Ronald Reagan):

  • John C. Calhoun, “On the Slavery Question”
  • Henry Clay, The Missouri Compromise
  • The Articles of the Confederations
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, “The Struggle for Human Rights”

And many more passages including Ronald Reagan’s First Inaugural Address in 1981.

There are enough passages to last a full school year if using PreScript Cursive 4-5 times a week.

Annette really enjoyed the passages because they are from real people and added to her American history knowledge. In fact she took the time to research some authors of passages that really interested her. I would find her checking out books or looking online to find out more about their lives. I thought that was an added bonus!

With using PreScript Cursive Passages and Illuminations not only did it give Annette more cursive practice which she needed but it also gave her the opportunity to practice reading cursive.

PreScript Cursive

My daughter is 13 years old and can handle writing the longer passages in one sitting. If using Passages and Illuminations with a younger child you can have him stretch out one passage over a few days and increase it through the year.

We used PreScript Cursive as a non-consumable workbook. If a child needs more practice he can trace the passages directly in the book. Each lesson has a letter which can be drawn in the book as well.

If you are in need of American history copywork or memory work please do check out PreScript Cursive Passages and Illuminations American Documents. All the work is done for you and in one book that will last all year. And it’s a reasonable price as well. We’ll be hanging on to this for future use with Annette’s younger siblings.

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  1. This looks awesome! I really wanted my 13 yo to try this out, but he really doesn't like to draw. I like this concept, though, illumination.