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Schoolhouse Review: Homeschool Programming

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Homeschool Programming has recently released their first semester of Kid Coder: Beginning Web Design. The second semester program, Kid Coder: Advanced Web Design will be out in August as well as an accompanying Instructional DVD ($20.00).

Kid Coder: Beginning Web Design is recommended for grades 4th-12 and cost $70.00.

My children were very excited to know that we were going to review Kid Coder as they have been very interested in learning all things computer this past school year. I also believe that children should get as much computer learning as possible.

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Kid Coder: Beginning Web Design is not a dry textbook full of words. This would totally confuse me and I’m sure the children would lose interest. Instead it’s a hands on course. What appeals to my children and myself is the visual aspect of the program and the step-by-step instructions.

Work with Me Page

And who couldn’t resist a cute mouse! I’m very visual and like cute characters too!

Custe Mouse

What will you and your child learn? Yes, I learned right along with my children on this one.

The 1st semester course has 13 chapters:

Each chapter as lessons that can be completed daily. For instance with chapter 1: Introduction to the Web has 4 lessons, a chapter review, and an activity.

  • Lesson 1: How the Internet Works
  • Lesson 2: Web Browsers
  • Lesson 3: The Language of “Mark-ups”
  • Lesson 4: Ways to Create HTML
  • Chapter Review
  • Your Turn Activity: Secret Message Hunt

After explaining some of the new concept in the chapter there are shaded boxes that shows exactly how the typed text should look.


What I absolutely loved was the “Work with Me” because this really broke the steps down. Even I was able to do this. I normally stay away from any computer programming stuff but this was so easy!

Work with Me Page

Toward the end of the chapter you stop to for some “Problem Solving”.

Problem Solving

At the end of the chapter is reviewing. I like that the program uses bullet points. It doesn’t look so overwhelming.

Kid Coder Review Page

For further practice your child is instructed to complete an activity. They will need to go into the Student Menu and select the correct chapter.
Student Menu

The program comes with a Teacher Solutions Manual so if there is ever a time when the student is stuck (and mom too). The guide has all the completed coded solutions. If you still are not understanding you can fill out a help request form and Homeschool Programming will get back to you within 24 hours.

I used Homeschool Programming Beginning Web Design with Brent m 11 year old son. We did this together one lesson a day. If he didn’t struggle with reading I would have had him work more on his own because the program really does make it easy to understand and follow instructions.

I also had Joshua my 9th grade student use the program as well. He was really excited to start and did most of it on his own. He like his mom loved the structure of the program. Everything was organized and simple to understand. Again, the instructions were plain and simple. No flipping here or there in the book. I keep stressing how simple it was to use because Joshua can get confused rather quickly but he didn’t with Beginning Web Design.

Joshua is including this course as part of his 9th grade computer class so it will go toward his high school credits.

Now that I’ve almost completed the first semester course with Brent I see codes and think, hey, I know what that means. It’s like understanding a new language.

My final thoughts on the Beginning Web Design course:

  • Has step-by-step instructions
  • No prior computer experience necessary
  • Great for the visual learner
  • Hands on
  • Complete Solutions Manual for mom
  • The textbook is not overwhelming. There are bullet points, shaded boxes, and Work with Me boxes to break up the page. The text is not page after page of words only.
  • DVDs accompany the course
  • I loved learning the history of the internet

Other Homeschool Programming courses are:

  1. Kid Coder VB
  2. Teen Coder Teen C#
  3. Teen Coder Java

To read more reviews on the above Homeschool Programming courses please click on the banner below.

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  1. This looks like a great web design program. I (I mean, my kids) could definitely use something like this. I like how cleanly the information is presented.



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