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TOS Summer School

Yesterday I was suppose to get some summer schooling done with the kiddos. I forgot that I had an appointment so instead we started today.

I didn’t get too much done. I had planned on getting some Latin, ABeCeDarian Reading, and a few other subjects done. With it being summer and all the kids will get a call from church friends and off they go which is fine with me. Last Friday we had a great time fellowshipping with a church family, yesterday Joshua went to his friends house for a few hours and today the boys headed to church and met up with some friends for a nerf war.

Summers are special times and I don’t mind if our days are interrupted (not a good word because they are really not interrupting at all).

Here is what we did get done, Honing Your Study Skills by Hands of a Child. Caleb and Annette are working on this one.
This is not a review but was the only subject I completed with Lance.
This packet he worked on before school was out. Since it’s been so long I thought we’d start with it again and work our way through a few more before our homeschool gets going in the fall. You can find this reading program at This Reading Mama, she has lots of neat stuff.
And um, that was all. The older children are starting math again. I was going to work with Lance but I let him go with the boys. They had so much fun.
Look what came today!
Annette and I will start this tomorrow. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew item from Doorposts. The actual book will have a lay flat binding. Doesn’t it look so pretty. I can’t wait to dive in with my daughter.
And that was our short school day.


  1. This must be a new item from Doorposts. I used some of their resources when my oldest daughter was in elementary.
    We homeschool through the summer, also. This week we've had quite a few 'interruptions' too. But you're right, not really interruptions as we were serving another family by having their son stay with us because of a death in the family. None of us got much done this week. But that's okay.
    We'll officially be starting the new school year in about 4 weeks. We're really excited because our oldest will be going back to Time4Learning now that they've added high school to their program! It used to be pre-k through 8th grade only.
    I've always been a little apprehensive about homeschooling high school because of the record-keeping and the higher math. So this is a relief for me.

  2. Hi, Janet, Doorposts is redoing Beauty & the Pig (I think that's the name).
    I just noticed too that T4L has a high school program now. I'm going to have to take a peek. The record keeping has me scared.

    Thanks for stopping by =)


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