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Two Cookbooks for Annette

Today I purchased two E cookbooks so Annette can eat more clean. She is ready to eat foods that are closer to a Paleo lifestyle way of eating. She is doing so well with figuring out what foods trigger her allergies. She thinks dairy and some forms of wheat may be the culprits.

She loves having oatmeal for breakfast so she’s been experimenting with that. So far she hasn’t had a reaction. In fact after eating some this morning she could still breath out of both nasal passages. When she consumes cheddar cheese and milk she starts getting stuffy again.

She is now drinking sugar free Almond Milk something she wouldn’t do before the Whole30. I’m so proud of her.

To help and support her health journey I purchased Indulge and Heal by Lauren Geertsen. Right now it’s on sale for $9.99. I love reading her blog. I may not agree with all her post but she does get me thinking about foods and how they affect my body.

Indulge and Heal

Her cookbook Indulge and Heal has recipes that are grain, dairy, nuts, and refined sugar free and half the recipes are egg free as well. Great for my Paleo daughter. Although she is not going 100% paleo I still call her my paleo daughter because she wants to eat more clean and it’s easier and shorter to say then explaining what foods she eats and doesn’t.

The other book I purchased for her has lots of desserts. When Josh bakes or even Annette for that matter she chooses not to eat what was made. She is very disciplined about this and again, I’m so proud of her (did I mention that already).

The Healthy Indulgence Cookbook is what I chose for her. It was only $5.99!

The Healthy Indulgences Cookbook

This weekend I’m going to have them printed and bound at FedEx Office. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes myself.

Today I thought I’d educate the children on food dyes. Particularly Red 40 and #4. I read a few online articles that mentions #4 is made from bugs and #40 from coal. Many of the dyes are made from petroleum, the stuff we put in cars.

I also read a few articles about artificial flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry and how they are made from beaver pee. So that was very educational for them and will help them to make better food choices.


  1. That is so great! It is great that she learning what triggers her allergies and what doesn't.

    I have the Indulge and Heal, but not the other one. Is the second one grain free too? I couldn't tell from the description on the website.

    Tell Annette Auntie is proud of her too. :)

  2. Hi, Cynce, the second book looks to be grain free. There are some recipes with dairy like cheddar cheese but not much.

    I'm going to get some nutritional yeast for Annette since from what I hear it has a cheese flavor.


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