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Atkins/THM Menu (Aug. 4th-10th)


I am using the principles from Trim Healthy Mama with Atkins. Many of the dishes are Whole30 approved too!!! Now that I semi-understand the food combing I am adding my own recipes to our menus. I’m finding it pretty easy with combing Atkins and THM. I thought it would be harder but because I’m on Phase 3 of Atkins I can have so many foods now that all I’m really doing is combining my foods per THM. Keeping my fats and carbs more isolated from each other.

Some are probably wondering why not pick one diet instead of combining. I’m really good at making things harder than they really need to be Winking smile. Actually I like the freedom I have with my fats on Atkins. It’s okay if something is high calorie. If I want a snack but don’t want to bake it’s okay to have an Atkins bar. On the weekends I eat Atkins style. I don’t keep track of my calories and/or fats.

While adding in Trim Healthy Mama principles I have learned how to pair up my foods to keep my metabolism guessing. I have the freedom of leaving carb counting behind.  I do need to keep track some-what of my fats, calories, and carbs though but once you know your basic every day foods (Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, heavy cream, half and half, etc.) it becomes second nature.

  • S=more than 5g of fat & less than 10g carbs;
  • E= less than 5g fat & more than 10g carbs (up to 45)
  • FP= less than 5g fat & 10g carbs.

I have one Healthy Trim Mama E meal a day during the weekdays and all the other meals are more Atkins. By combining for me it feels more freeing from counting carbs, calories, and fats.

I am almost to goal weight. Look at the Atkins badges that I’ve earned Smile

Less of Me

The next badge is –50 but thankfully I don’t need to lose 50lbs.

Monday: 138.4

Breakfast: S- Bulletproof Coffee Zucchini Pancakes~Practical Paleo pg. 248
Lunch: E-Apple Cottage Cheese Salad~Healthy Trim Mama tweaked version
Snack: S-Moo-less Chocolate Moose~Practical Paleo pg. 402 (love this, it has avocado, coconut milk, vanilla, pink sea salt, cinnamon, and I replace honey for stevia)
Dinner: S-Stuffed Peppers~Practical Paleo pg. 300 With cucumber boats (laughing cow cheese. not W30)

Yikes, I’m up a few pounds from the beginning of last week, oh, I’m okay with that, yeah.

The Stuffed Peppers are Whole30 approved right down to the grass-fed beef. Not sure when we’ll ever buy it again but it felt good serving it to my family.

Stuffed Peppers

Tuesday: 139.4

Breakfast: S- Bulletproof coffee and Grain Free Porridge~ Practical Paleo pg. 252 (I didn’t eat Grain Free Porridge after all. I woke up late)
Lunch: FP-Green Salad (cucumber, tomato, low carb dressing) and a Muffin in a Bowl
Snack: S-Bulletproof Coffee
Dinner: SCabbage Rolls~THM pg. 312 (crockpot dinner)

My weight is rising. Yikes! I’m a little concerned here. I’m up three pounds. I changed my meals around because I’m gaining weight.

Cabbage rolls are Whole30 approved.

We enjoyed stuffed cabbage with zucchini noodles, and a little bit of white sauce (Walden’s, yes I know, not the best and not W30). I would have just use the juice from the cabbage rolls but I wanted to try the sauce. It wasn’t that great.

But look how pretty the cabbage looked after I blanched them and the zucchini noodles.

Wednesday: 138.6

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee, Sweet Potato Pancakes (for hubby)~ Practical Paleo pg. 298 w/sausage
Lunch: Apple Cottage Cheese Salad~THM
Snack: 0% Greek Yogurt w/berries~THM idea
Dinner: Spinach Lovers Italiano~ tweaked a THM recipe pg. 314 (crockpot meal) No legumes in this dish which makes it Whole30 approved.

I was going to have some Sweet Potato Pancakes as well but had to go to an orthodontist appt. By the time I got home I wasn’t too hungry and decided to have only the Bulletproof Coffee. By dinner time my teeth were too sore to eat. I had a homemade smoothie.

Thursday: 137.6

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee (teeth are still sore)
Lunch: Mex. Cottage Cheese Salad
Dinner: Meatloaf~Practical Paleo (Whole30 approved) I ate eggs with corned beef it was soft enough for me.
Snack: Blueberry Cobbler-Practical Paleo

Teeth still sore but I was able to eat some Blueberry Cobbler.

Practical Paleo

Friday: 137.4

Breakfast: Just coffee and sipped ACV water until lunch
Lunch: Mex. cottage cheese salad
Dinner: My own chili recipe.
Snack: Atkins Bar and a late night muffin in a bowl (shouldn’t stay up so late because I get hungry)

My teeth are not so sore today. I was happy to eat some soft foods.

The Atkins bar was moist thank goodness. I was craving something sweet.

Saturday: 136.2

Breakfast: Coffee w/cream and leftover cabbage rolls and 2 scrambled eggs. This is really brunch.
Snack: 3 Easy Peazy Cinnamon Muffins (THM pg. 262) with cream cheese frosting. 1/2 of an English Muffin Ezekiel brand.
Dinner: Genghis Grill~chicken, shrimp, 2 eggs, cilantro, spinach, onions, and I took my Braggs Liquid Aminos.
Snack: Tall Skinny Latte @ Starbucks. Saxby’s closed before I got there.

With the Cinnamon Muffin I was experimenting. I didn’t really care for them so I then started playing around with a cream cheese frosting which I liked but some of the kids didn’t. I should have not put any Greek yogurt and only kept with the cream cheese as the base.

The muffins to me were not sweet enough. I’ll try them again but with more sweetener.

Yay, I’m back to 136. I probably got down to 136 because I slept in till 9a.m. today. Hee, hee, I stayed up late last night with Lance. I went to bed at 3a.m.

I don’t know what happened at the beginning of the week as to why my weight up to 139.4

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