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Getting Ready for School

I made some space in my kitchen for my ‘diet’ books. I kept losing them. Now they all have a home.

Heart of Dakota

I made room for Annette’s school books.

I also cleared out some shelves in the living room.

Now where to put all the stuff I pulled out. There was actually a lot more. I threw half used workbooks away. Just closed my eyes and threw them in the recycle bin.


  1. Yay you!!! It makes life so much easier when we get things organized. I'm still working on a few areas in my home and it is helping.

    We are supposed to try start school on Tuesday. We are hoping it's God's plan, too!

  2. Praying you'll get a good start. We were suppose start this week but I'm watching a cute three month old so we may hold off for another few weeks. Eeeks!

    I'm also intimidated to start, so the baby is my excuse. ;)

  3. Looks great, mama! I did a lot closing my eyes and throwing away when I was getting ready for school. I haven't missed anything yet!

  4. Jesse, today I threw some more out. It was hard but like you I haven't missed anything yet.

    We are suppose to start next week but we'll see. I'm taking care of a cute little baby boy and he is spending the night on Monday.


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