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HomeSchool Year 2013/2014

Last night my Sweets gave me the go ahead to order our school curricula. I was excited but nervous at the same time. It cost a very, hard-earned, pretty, shiny, from heaven, penny.

Here’s what I we will use this year:
10th Grade~Joshua~Heart of Dakota Geography Hearts for Him Through High School Package

8th Grade~Annette~Heart of Dakota Missions to Modern Marvels + Math-U-See Zeta and Pre-Algebra

6the Grade~Brent~ Memoria Press 4th Grade Core Curriculum + Rod and Staff Math 6

5th Grade~Ethan~ Memoria Press 4th Grade Core Curriculum + Rod and Staff Math 5

The only things I still need are math for Joshua (not sure yet), math for Annette and Caleb (both are using Math-U-See) and I’m done! Done, done, done, yay! I won’t need to order MUS for another month or so because they are not done with their current books.

Now before anyone panics because I have a 7th, 6th, and 5th grade students who will be using Memoria Press 4th grade, let me just say I looked over this program for months before deciding. I looked at the higher grade levels but most of the subjects like the Classical Composition suggested starting at the Fable Stage which begins in their 4th grade core program.

First Form Latin is another subject that was recommended to start from the beginning. Many of subjects are recommended for grades 4+ meaning they can be used for higher grades.

I poured over samples to make sure that each child would be challenged. I found that because Memoria Press has high standards and is very rigid, that even my 7th grade son Caleb will be challenged. I absolutely loved their composition program and believe this will prepare him for high school.

In the catalog that I received here are ‘grade’ levels for some of the subjects in the 4th grade program:
  • First Form Latin- Grade 5+
  • Classical Composition- Grades 4-12
  • Christian Studies- Grades 3-8
  • Geography- 4+
  • Science- 5+

I chose the 2nd Grade Core Program for Lance because he still struggles with writing and reading. I’m actually a little bit nervous because there is a lot of writing involved with the 2nd grade program.
I want him writing more but am not sure if he can handle it. He’ll be writing:
And that is how the 4th grade program is too so in my opinion there is a lot and more than enough writing.

I was saddened as I packed away Annette’s books from last school year, Heart of Dakota Resurrection to Reformation. Caleb and Brent were suppose to use it this year. So many good books being boxed up. Maybe in the future Ethan or Lance will use it.

I decided to not use Heart of Dakota with the 4 younger children because I wanted something more ‘school-y’ for them. I feel like they need a more workbookish type of school at least for this year. 

Ethan and Lance have a lot of time on their hands and they end up bickering. Brent get’s lazy unless I’m constantly reminding him to do school. I’m praying and hoping with Memoria Press the schedule (check-off one) will meet all their needs including mine. I need a rigid schedule as well.

Update 9.16.14: Well MP was a flop. We used some of it like the geography, literature, and science but I ended up focusing on the reading with Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance.

What we ended up using was:
All About Reading (C, B, E)
All About Spelling (E)
Let's Read (L)
Writing & Rhetoric (E, C, B)
Rod and Staff English (C, B)
English Lessons Through Literature (E)



  1. Sounds wonderful, mama!! I will be excited to hear how the year progresses!

  2. Sounds like a great year, and kudos to you for being willing to forget the label of the curriculum and really look at what your kids need.

  3. I noticed that your daughter did HOD RTR this year and that next year she will skip to MTMM. What were your reasons for skipping rev2rev? I'm just wondering because my dd did RTR last yr for grade 7 and this year will be doing rev2rev for grade 8. She really want to do MTMM but I didn't want her skip the early portion of world and American history. Looks like a fun school year!

  4. Hi, Linda, It was not an easy decision to make with skipping Rev2Rev.

    One of the main reasons is she'll be in high school next year and I didn't want to adjust or tweak MTMM. There is so much going on already and I didn't want to deal with that. HOD guides are already so full as well and I didn't want to add to her plate.

    Another reason is the year before she covered some early american history.

    With writing and grammar I feel she can handle the load of MTMM. She is actually using another writing program (Essentials in Writing).

    I must agree that Rev2Rev. looks so good and I didn't want to miss it it but in the end we both agreed to skip it.

  5. This looks great! I have been looking into using Heart of Dakota for first grade for my daughter next year - I think she would really like it. :)

    In some of your past posts you shared that you guys used McRuffy math... I'm looking into that for my daughter as well next year and was wondering if you could share your experiences with it, whether you would recommend it. Thank you!

  6. Lindsey, McRuffy Math is wonderful for the tactile learner, there are lots of games and manipulatives. We had fun that year with using it but the next year I needed more of my kids to work on their own.

    I would absolutely recommend it. What grade are you looking at? I may have the TM and will be happy to give it to you. Feel free to email me at homeschooling6[at]hotmail[dot]com. I will have to look in storage so it won't be until the weekend.



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