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Joshua Baked an Apple Pie and Rambling


His pie looked really good. Usually his crust is falling apart. I don’t know how it tasted. I’m pretty sure it was good because it was gobbled up.

My Annette is so sweet, she made her dad a Paleo apple pie the next day. It was made with raw honey which Lupe shouldn’t have but it’s so good for him too. Besides his daughter was thinking about him. Sadly she didn’t take a picture of it.

Other happening:

  • Lance and Brent tried to stay up all night again. I think they went to bed at 2 or 3 o’clock.
  • Brent, Annette, Caleb, Josh, and Ethan made a maze for the guinea pigs. I think the piggies had fun.
  • Josh continues to do math, English, and Computer Programming almost every day. I told him he needs to take a break.
  • Josh is still teaching the younger kids about sword fighting.
  • I have been watching Extreme Couponing with the kids. It’s so interesting. I didn’t realize there was such a people.
  • Lupe and I go for a bone density test on Monday.
  • Monday we plan to eat at Babes Chicken and I’m going to have a biscuit then make my next meal an Atkins one. We are taking my MIL out for dinner.
  • I love listening to Lance talk, staring at Ethan’s handsome/beautiful face, watching Josh become a young godly man, see Annette growing up to be a beautiful young lady (inside and out), Brent smile, and Caleb laughing.

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