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Low-Carb Menu Aug. 18th-24th

Atkins using The Trim Healthy Mama principles of switching fuel cycles (food combining).  Because I combine I don’t think of having an Atkins bar as cheating and/or using another proteins source for a meal. I still believe animal protein (especially beef) is the best but I enjoy not having to cook up a patty at times. I like being able to pull out my cottage cheese, beans, greens, etc. and put everything in a bowl.

I’m a bit more liberal with my fats than most Trim Healthy Mamas. I enjoy my coconut cream in my coffee or cream or half and half but am careful with which fuel I’m burning or how long it’s been since my last meal.

My MIL is staying with us for the week so many of my foods was more of a grab-and-go. I noticed at the end of Tuesday I haven’t had much meat, so Wednesday I started planning some yummy dinners with meat.

Daily I drink water and have two mugs of coffee with either half & half or heavy cream. I want to experiment with coconut cream.

I also drink The Shrinker three times a week and Natural Calm 4-5 times a week. The Natural Calm I mix in my water and sip. For a treat usually once a week I’ll have a Zevia. If it’s a rough week I’ll have 2 Smile.

Sunday: 136.6
Breakfast: Muffin and coffee
Lunch: Chipotle bowl with black beans, chicken, salsa, cheese, sour cream, and avocado
Snack: Greek yogurt and berries
Dinner: Zucchini Fritters, 1/4 avocado, 1 laughing cow wedge
Snack: Atkins Coconut Indulgence bar
Monday: 136.2
Breakfast: Coffee with cream/Kefir Coconut Blueberry Shake
Lunch: Babes Chicken, I splurged and had a biscuit.
Snack: Greek yogurt with berries
Dinner: 2 Scrambled eggs with avocado and a wedge of laughing cow cheese
Tuesday: 136.4
Breakfast: Kefir, coconut, blueberry shake
Lunch: Apple-Cottage Cheese salad w/1 cucumber
Snack: Greek yogurt with raspberries
Dinner: Pancakes
Wednesday: 135.8
Breakfast: Kefir Blueberry Coconut Smoothie (also has coconut oil, flax, bee pollen, protein powder)
Lunch: In-N-Out burger without the bun
Dinner: Gangues Grill-shrimp, chicken, cilantro, spinach, mushrooms, and three eggs. I also brought my own Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.
I was surprised to see 135 on the scale. Yea, I’ve been at 136-137 for three weeks now. I’ve been patient this time especially since it was that time of the month again.
Thursday: 136.4
Breakfast: Kefir, coconut, blueberry smoothie
Lunch: Apple and cottage cheese salad
Snack: Greek yogurt with berries
Dinner: Balsamic Chicken with veggie noodles
When eating dairy I have been paying close attention to how my body reacts. I have found that after eating/drinking Kefir and greek yogurt that I’m fine however with cottage cheese disturbs my gut. I really enjoy my apple and cottage cheese salad but should find something else. Same with the Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad Sad smile.
Friday: 135.2
Breakfast: Kefir Coconut Strawberry Smoothie
Lunch: Apple/Cottage Cheese Salad with lettuce greens
Snack: Lean turkey meat.
Dinner: Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad with veggies and leftover Balsamic Chicken Breast.
Snack: Birthday cake with whipped cream frosting sweetened with stevia. Sugar free vanilla ice cream.

My SIL is so sweet and always thinking of the way I eat when we get together. She brought to Lance’s birthday party sugar free ice cream and I had several scoops. I told hubby to give me just a little but he put two scoops. He said because I deserved it. What a sweet hubby and SIL I have.
Trim Healthy Mama Cake
Everybody liked my low glycemic cake. Even my youngest nephew asked for seconds. My Mother-in-law really liked too which makes me happy because she’s pre-diabetic and I wanted to impress her with my sweets this week (I think I did). I gave her the recipe.

This time after eating my cottage cheese I didn’t feel so bad. I’m not sure what’s going on with it. I’ll continue to observe how I feel after eating two of my favorite cottage cheese dishes.

Saturday: 135.2
Breakfast: I was bad and had coffee with a slice of cake. I call it my ‘good for you’ cake.
Snack: Blueberry Coconut Kefir smoothie
Lunch: Mex. Cottage Cheese Salad with greens
Dinner: Logan’s Roadhouse. I had a steak, grilled mushrooms and splurged with having sweet potato fries (Hubby taking his mom and I out for dinner).
Snack: Low-carb frapp. from Starbucks
Sunday: 135.0 (wahoo) I lost 1lb 6oz this week!

As you can see I had Kefir Coconut Blueberry Shake/smoothie all week. I am NOT a morning breakfast person and having something simple to make hubby and I was wonderful. I add bee pollen or a scoop of protein powder and I recently bought some Maca powder but haven’t tried it. I try to switch things up for us. My Sweets likes it and it keeps the hunger away until lunch. For some days I will need a snack but other days I won’t. Just depends I guess, but I’m glad for hubby he doesn’t feel hungry.
Next week I plan to add more meat to my lunches, most likely deli meat because I don’t have heat it up, just roll-and-go. I know I need to have more meat protein.
My MIL has been enjoying my low glycemic muffins and I’ve been making her the same Kefir smoothie all week that Lupe and I have been drinking. She commented that with the Kefir Coconut Blueberry (or strawberry) Smoothie that it helps her start her day. She doesn’t get a headache after drinking it like other smoothies which I’m sure have more sugar.
After eating the ‘Good for you’ cake she said that she doesn’t get a downer because normally with a piece of cake it causes her blood sugars to crash and she has what she calls a ‘downer’.

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  1. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! You are doing soooo good :)

    I'm still losing along side you....but I got sick and so did my kids so we are behind schedule (once again) and I still have not read THM. Ugh!

    I am still doing Atkins 6 days a week and dropping weight fairly steady while still enjoying a variety of fresh veggies, fruits and proteins. Primarily I cut out carbs and 1 day a week, I allow myself to splurge a tiny bit and eat a small amount of extra carbs. By doing this, it seems to work for my body to kick start those moments when weight loss sort of stagnates.

    Anywhoo....I am so excited for you! You are so diligent in the process and incredible for sharing all that you do.

    Happy Day!


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