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Math for Josh

I’m excited to have chosen a math program for Joshua this year. We have a plan too but you know how that goes. I’ll tell you all anyway. Lord willing it will happen.

This 13/14 school year I had planned to have Joshua use Bob Jones Fundamentals Math program via DVD program. For a lot of reasons (trying to respect my eldest son’s privacy to I’m not going to go into a lot of detail) I didn’t feel comfortable with that. I’ve been praying, talking to Josh, talking to hubby and praying.

At the same time I was researching a remedial English program for Joshua and what did I find? The same publisher also has a remedial math program too!!! I was like, thank you Jesus. I found a few samples, not too many but read all I could late into the night. The program is written for the student to use independently (of course we are here if he needs us) with step-by-step instructions. This is exactly what Joshua needs.
Bridgeway Math
So here’s the plan. I don’t have the books just yet. Thankfully they have been shipped. Each book has about 210 pages. Some of the pages I’m guessing are the instructions. There is no separate teachers manual.

Back to my plan. If he can finish this course in the next 12 months or (his sophomore year) next year his Junior year he can start VideoText Algebra and complete Algebra 1 & 2 and his last high school year he can at least start Geometry.

I know this may not go as planned but it’s a start and I see a light at the end of this math tunnel. Joshua is a hard worker and even if it takes the summer after his Senior year to get through some of the Geometry I know he will do his best for the Lord.

As for the grammar course I want to use that with Joshua too but will have to wait and see. Right now I can only order one subject as each book and the answer key is $23.00 each plus shipping. Worth it of course!

I had planned to use Easy Grammar Plus with Josh but with him going into his 2nd year of high school I feel a bit rushed and want something that would get him up to speed a little quicker. Once he completes BridgeWay English then I’ll have him continue with Easy Grammar for the last two years of high school.


  1. Have you received the books? If so, can you tell me how you like them.

  2. Kelly, yes, I have but haven't had time to look at them yet. Been so busy. Hopefully I'll get to sit down and look at them this weekend. I'll get back to you about them.

  3. I am shopping for a curriculum for remedial math for my high schooler. He has problems with his memory and is VERY behind in math. He is in the 10th grade, but is at about a 5th grade level in math. I have not found any sample's of this curriculum. Can you tell me how you are fairing with it?


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