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Mini Flexi Clip (Lilla Rose)

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I love how cute the mini flexi clips are and was sad that I would not be able wear them because I have medium, thick, wavy hair, until now.

I found a few uses for the Flexi Mini clips. They are perfect to put at the end of my braid. I made sure it felt tight by pushing it up some and it stayed in place for the day.
I’m wearing the Flexi Mini Simple Dangle.
Simple Dangle
Lilla Rose
I have also used them to hold my hair up in a bun. I’ll take a picture soon and add it to this post.
Please remember my hair is pretty thick so my clip was firmly in place. If you feel like it’s going to fall off, don’t try it.

Don’t rule the mini clips out if you have thick hair.
I plan to get a few more of the mini clips and use as barrettes to hold my hair on the sides too.

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