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New family Members

Friday my dad bought Annette, Caleb, and Brent each a guinea pig. They are so cute and adorable.

The children have been saving up for one and buying things little by little. They were going to purchase their own guinea pigs in January (that’s when they figured they would have enough money), but Grandpa said he’d get them.


Here are their guinea pigs in order, Annette’s, Caleb’s, and Brent’s.


I use to have a brown guinea pig when I was little. Her name was Brownie, yup, even back then I was not very creative with names.

Today the three guinea pig owners had to help with a rental so Ethan babysat them. He did so well. I taught him how to clean the cage. I forgot how messy they are.

From what the pet store said the guinea pigs are about 3-4 months. We all enjoy watching them play. Tomorrow the kids are going to see if they can hold them. So far the guinea pigs are adapting to their new home.


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