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Not a Happy Camper

Rod and Staff Math

Lance was not happy with doing math. He whined. He said, “This is the worst day of my life”.

Rod and Staff Math

He just sat there very unhappy. He finally told me that the addition problems were too easy. That he knew the facts already. He said he likes his older brothers school because it’s fun (he usually sits in on our Logic of English lessons).

Later when he had calmed down some I let him know that next time he needs to tell me but without his temper tantrum.

Later in the evening I had him move up a few lesson. He did some double digit addition and you know what? He knew how to do that too. It was simple with no caring but still I was surprised. Sometimes because Lance is my youngest I act like he can’t handle something. Yikes, this was an eye-opener for me. Note to self, Lance can move on, he can do the work.

Rod and Staff Math

I went over the first few problems using our base-ten set and Lance asked, “Do I have to use those still?” I asked if he understood he said yes so the next three he completed on his own and continued on. He missed only two so I had him correct them. He did really good. He doesn’t understand place value, this I will work with him.

I wanted to start his Rod and Staff math early because once we start school Memoria Press moves pretty quickly through the first 6 weeks because it’s suppose to have all been learned in the previous level. After the first 6 weeks things slow down a bit.

I have also been working on his cursive. The 2nd grade Memoria Press program has them using all cursive by the end of the 10th week. So again the first weeks move quickly through because this is something they ‘should’ have learned in this the year before as well.

I don’t think Lance is going to make it and I am going to have to have him write in print. This is my fault because I got lazy with teaching him cursive.

He does have a hard time writing but I should have worked with him more. I purchased the Prima Latina Copybook too and it’s all in cursive. He probably won’t be using it. We will see maybe he’ll surprise me there too Winking smile.

My Lance turned 9 years old this month.
Happy Birthday
Hopefully my next blog post will be of his birthday pictures.


  1. It's amazing what they learn and we don't always see it.

    ...and I don't teach cursive until 4th grade...so you are not alone. (I learned in 4th grade myself.) I think it helps them learn good manuscript (which they need in life for filling out forms/paperwork), and then I introduce cursive when all the basics are mastered.

    I "think" we might be dropping Singapore Math -- not sure, but my daughter is learning so much more with Math Lessons for a Living Education. I have all the books now and they progress so nicely and with such lovely-simple lessons. SM wasn't having her master place value or her addition/subtraction facts. Time will tell after we start school this coming week.

  2. I guess I feel a little rushed with the cursive thing now because Memoria Press has them writing cursive early.

    Singapore just never worked here. I tried more than a few times. Math for a Living Education looks so fun. I would have liked to continue after the first book.


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