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Schoolhouse Review: Doorposts

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One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is spend time with my daughter, especially when having Bible time with her. She is a joy and I’m thankful to our Savior for my precious Annette.
This summer Annette and I have had the privilege of reviewing Beauty in the Heart A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women from a wonderful, God honoring company~Doorposts. My sister and I have ordered from them in the past and we both absolutely love everything we’ve purchased.
The actual book will not be comb bound. This is a pre publication copy that we were given for reviewing purposes. The book will have a lay flat binding.

Beauty in the Heart is a revised and updated  version taken from the original title of Beauty and the Pig. It consist of 9 studies with a 10th being a review chapter. The Beauty in Review (the 10th chapter) also an alternate set of questions for young men.

Beauty in the Heart use the inductive study method which means your child will:
  • Read and Observe
  • Interpret and Organize
  • Apply
What you will need:
  • Bible
  • Bible atlas or online maps
  • Study Bible or Bible Commentary
  • Colored Pencils
  • English Dictionary
  • Strong's Concordance
  • Nave’s Topical Bible
Not all of the above are used everyday. Each chapter (study) will provide a list of “What you will need”.  Annette and I didn’t have some of the items like Naves Topical Bible which is a ‘recommended’ item. Many times we used free online resources.
Because Beauty in the Heart does use the inductive study method you will want to choose a Bible that you are okay with marking the words. For this study I chose to print the bible passages and put them in a binder.
Key points about Beauty in the Heart:
  • The studies in Beauty in the Heart uses mainly the King James translation
  • 86 days worth of studies
  • Recommended ages is 10-12 and up
  • The study is appropriate for young men, in a few places there will be a asterisk* symbol which indicates that there are alternate questions for the young men in the back of the book.
  • Online addresses for free Bibles and mobile apps are included
  • Daily assignments are are easy to follow. The child knows when to start and stop each lesson.
  • Shaded marginal study notes
Annette and I really enjoyed using this study together. I printed the NASB and NIV versions and we would also read from the KJV and The Message Bible. I would do most of the reading with Annette following along. Since we were using Beauty in the Heart together as a mother-daughter study we answered the questions orally and discussed them. I liked it this way because I was able to share, discuss, and dig deeper with the study right along with her. Most lessons took about 30 minutes give or take 5 minutes.

What I loved about the study most was it teaches daughters that beauty is modesty, beauty is humility, and beauty is serving. These qualities are very important to my husband and I with teaching our daughter what true beauty is. I’m thankful for another opportunity to teach my daughter about these things.

This is a wonderful study for a mother to do with her daughter. I would encourage my own sisters to use Beauty in the Heart~A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women with their daughters. The topics discussed in this Bible study really touches my heart. I see so many young girls lost and begging for attention in all the wrong ways. It truly breaks my heart. We need to teach them of a beauty that doesn’t dim, that will not fade, a beauty that lets Christ shine through. True beauty from the heart.
Price: $14.00

Some of my Crew Mates also received: Because You Are Strong-A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men. Please click on the banner below to read more reviews, thank you!
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