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Schoolhouse Review: Family Hope Center

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The Family Hope Center provides phenomenally amazing help to families with special needs children. What is one (of many) unique ways that The Family Hope Center helps children and adults that may have had a brain injury, epilepsy, ADD, and/or Down Syndrome among other special needs is they treat the source of the issues not the symptom.

What the Schoolhouse Review team received was a DVD: Understanding Child Brain Development. This DVD is a must have for every parent. In fact Understanding Child Brain Development would make a wonderful gift  for new parents. I would have absolutely loved receiving this and wish I had been able to watch it before having my children. Think baby shower gift.
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I was fascinated to learn how the birth process can affect a child in later years or how every stage in a babies development is for a reason. God made it so a child scoots, crawls, pushes himself up and eventually walks because they build upon themselves for later development. They need to do these things to help them learn to read catch a ball, and to accomplish other milestones. Each stage of development is used to help a child learn other things when he is older.

One huge thing that I walked away with is my children didn’t need the walkers, the swings, and the bouncy things. What they did need is space to crawl from day one. Yes, babies need to be on their tummy. This helps with brain development, it helps the child sleep better, and even helps with their digestive tract. Pretty amazing to me because I was always told to put my babies on their backs.
Just to touch a little with how the child’s development works for instance with a 2 week to 2 month old child finding light in a darkened room, seeing shapes, and to consistently track people helps with Seeing and Reading.

When the child responds to a loud and threatening sound, such as thunder this is part of Hearing and Understanding.
With crying because the newborn child is distressed or in pain this is part of Communication and Speech.

I can’t say enough good things about Understanding Child Brain Development. I was excited to understand how the brain works. There is a lot of information and I had to watch it more than once to soak up and wrap my brain around some parts (so worth the time).
Understanding Child Brain Development changed my thinking and really helped me to understand that a loud or rowdy child is not a bratty child and to have more compassion for some awesome mothers who may have a child that is a bit ‘difficult’ to handle at times especially in public places.
I was in line at the grocery store with two of my children. The mother in front of us had three boys with her. All under 9. The oldest was trying to help her keep the middle child under control. The middle child was hitting his mother, talking back, grabbing the credit swiper-thing, spitting, and even tried to run away a few times.

When I saw this child spitting at his mother I felt compassion for her and him. I said a prayer for them both. I wanted to tell her about The Family Hope Center but thought I might embarrass her further (she kept apologizing to the cashier).
Later I talked to my children about what happened at the store and how we need to not judge but have sympathy when we see a person acting up in public. I talked about what I’ve learned via The Family Hope Center DVD.

The speakers love the Lord and it shows. I was very impressed with Understanding Child Brain Development and would again encourage you to buy this DVD.
Bottom line, every parent should own this DVD and if you’re not a parent but plan to have children, get the DVD now. It’s good to be prepared. Are you single? Still buy it, you may be able to help someone and it’s so interesting.

What this DVD is not: It’s not going to give a diagnosis but it does give a peek into how the brain works and it’s a start.

To order the 2 hour, well worth your time DVD, please call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW. The price of the DVD is $19.00.
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  1. I agree that the brain developmental section was amazing! The brain is an amazing creation!


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