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Schoolhouse Review: In the Hands of a Child

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I’m not a big lapbooking fan. I have tried them in the past, even purchased kits but we never completed one. Well In the Hands of a Child has Note Packs. These are more like notebooking then lapbooking. I thought, hey, I can handle that.

With another school year coming up very soon, I was happy to review Honing Your Study Skills Note Pack to use with my 13 year old daughter and 12 year old son. I thought this would be a perfect ‘before we start school’ mini study skill course.
Hand of a Child
In this 27 page note pack your child will be given tips to maximize their study time with successful study habits.
Some topics covered are:
  • Location
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Match Your Study Style
    Flash Card Fun
    Study Buddy
    Key Facts First
Tools for Successful Study Habits:
  • Finding Reference Materials
  • How to Use a Reference Book
  • How to Read a Reference Book
This is only some of what your child will learn.

You know me ‘the need a schedule’ type homeschooling mom. I was impressed to see that a 5 day schedule was included. Each day my two children had new vocabulary words to study, guided reading, and activities.
Hands of a Child
How we used: Honing Your Study Skills for Grades 5-10
I received the Note Pack E-book, so the first thing I did was print two copies and had them bound at our local copy center. This kept all the pages together because around here papers that are not bound tend to get lost. This kept our Note Pack pages neat and tidy!

Annette and Caleb could have completed this Note Pack on their own or together without me but I wanted to do this with them. I read the ‘guided’ reading section and they completed the vocabulary and activities on their own. With a few lessons we were able to do the activities orally. I would ask the questions that were in the activity section and have both of them answer.
What I love about this pack is it only took five days and it wasn’t daunting and overwhelming. It took about 30 minutes or less per day.

What did my two kiddos think: Well Caleb doesn’t care for anything that has to do with using a pencil but he completed his Hand of a Child Note Pack with no complaints. Annette on the other hand I found her a few times working ahead. Caught her reading it just for fun.

My final thoughts: With teaching 6 children I sometimes forget to fit in some of the subjects that are not talked about and as popular like math. Usually I’m trying to fit in math, grammar, phonics, reading, etc. that things like study habits, learning how to use reference tools and such get pushed to the side so this was a great way to have them hone in on those study skills.  

The original price is $12.00, currently it’s on sale for $5.00 and they take paypal!!! I love when a company accepts paypal.

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