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Someone Turned 9 Years Old This Month

Happy Birtday
My little Lance is not so little anymore. He turned 9 years old this month.
I made him a ‘good for you cake’ from the book Trim Healthy Mama and Joshua made him an apple pie.
Happy Birthday
I bought the candle on clearance at Hobby Lobby. When I opened the package the candles were all broken. Somehow I got them to stand up.
Trim Healty Mama Cake
Everyone loved the cake. I made two 8x8 round cakes. I decided not to stack them one on the other. This way I could feed twice the amount of people. Not that we had a huge party. It was only my MIL, SIL, the 4 cousins and my dad.
Dad lighting the candles. Lance is blessed to have a father that spends time with him and teaches him.
I love seeing my children so happy. Look at that smile.
Lance was all laughs.
He blew so softly that the candles stayed lit.
Grandma and Lance
It was a nice birthday. Grandma gave Lance some army men from Hobby Lobby. Auntie V and family gave him some Star Wars Legos, his siblings gave him a Dangerous Boys electronic set. and we gave his some Legos too.
Lance Birthday


  1. Happy Birthday Lance!!!! Can't believe you are NINE years old! Love seeing the pictures of your birthday. You look so happy. :) And it looks like you got some good gifts too! Glad to know you had a great time with your family. I love you!

    Hugs from Auntie Reff

  2. Happy 9th Birthday, Lance!

    Wow! Time is sure flying by. He has such big smiles.

    ~Treasure every day!


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