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Still Packing Books

Boxes, boxes, boxes
My little box boy. My kids can make almost anything out of boxes. I had to take them away though to pack up books and curricula that we are not going to use this year.
Heart of Dakota
Sad to have packed Annette’s Res. to Ref. Heart of Dakota books. As I was packing them I thought how sad that Caleb won’t be using this package in the fall. There are lots of good reads in this package. Annette really enjoyed each book.
School Books
7 more boxes headed to storage. My Sweets has set up a good system so I don’t lose anymore books. I have been known to buy a book I already own because I couldn’t find it in storage. Now I have an excel spreadsheet. Each box has it’s own number like MBL10, MBL11 etc. I log each book very detailed in the excel spreadsheet then place it in the box.

If the book is one I want or hope that Caleb will read, then I’ll also put Caleb’s name on the same row as the book title. This way all I have to do is type in Caleb and those books will pop up. Pretty nifty if you ask me!

I have packed almost 20 boxes so far! My goal is to get 95% of what we are not using this homeschool year out of the house and only concentrate on the books we will use. Too many times I try to fit other things in because I don’t want to waste the money I spent on a certain homeschool item. It was hard putting so many good things in storage but I know it has to be done. I want this school year to be a better one than this year.


  1. You have been busy! Takes "Box Day" to a new level...hehe!!

    We JUST finished organizing, labeling, and putting away all of our books/notebooks, etc. in their new homes. Whew!

  2. Ha,ha, too funny. I guess id does take box day to a whole new level, lol.

    HOD books will be here tomorrow!!!


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