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The Logic of English-Lessons 3-4

I am liking The Logic of English-Essentials program and really enjoy teaching it. It doesn’t take long to prepare for the lessons. During my morning cup of coffee I look over the teacher manual. I printed the workbook pages for the week and put them in a folder and I’m ready to go.

Weather report: It’s raining. Yea, I love the rain. The breeze is warm though.
Kids Report: It’s quiet time. The children are watching a cartoon “HOP” about the Easter Bunny. Josh is working on the last lessons of his Bob Jones school.

Here is lesson 3. My camera was acting up again.

The Logic of English

As you all may know I LOVE taking pics of hands. Not sure why but I do. Below is Brent writing in cursive. Hurray! I’m trying to get the kids to switch to cursive for most of their schoolwork. It’s so much neater.

Logic of English

Caleb loves using a pen. He has some leftover paint on his nails from the weekend.

The Logic of EnglishThe Logic of English

The Logic of English

The Logic of English

Lesson 4

The Logic of English

Today I wrote down the time that we did almost each section part of program. I am finding that it’s taking me about 2 hours of teaching time which includes a 10 minute break.

  • 9:30: We started with reviewing phonograms,  reviewing spelling rules, and introducing the new phonograms and completed 4.1 which was writing the new phonograms 5x each.
  • 9:45: The children did 4.2 which is dictating 20 phonograms. The children say the phonogram and write it.
  • 9:50: 4.3 Phonogram Board Game. My kiddos don’t really need to play games or do extra things to memorize the phonograms because I have had them learn 70 phonograms in the past. It’s mostly review but the kids have fun with the games. They were all laughs and smiles while playing.
  • 10:00: I went over the new spelling rules with ay, ai, oy, oi, and ea. Then they completed 4.5 (we skipped 4.4).
  • 10:11: Continued with more spelling rules and completed 4.6
  • 10:20-10:30: Break time. The kids played with their guinea pigs, went potty, made lemonade.
  • 10:30: Spelling List time. This I call the spelling test. I dictate 15 words, put the word in a sentence, ask how many syllables, they write the word, I write the word on the board, put spelling marks, go over rules, and continue on.
  • 10:45: Grammar time! We go over the new grammar concept. We also go back to the Spelling List and mark the parts of speech. Complete 4.7 which is writing the adj. articles (a, an, the).
  • 10:50: Complete 4.8 on the board together.
  • 11:00: Vocabulary, quickly go over adding the suffix-er and est. complete 4.9
  • 11:15-11:30: Complete 4.10. I dictate 6 phrases, write them on the board for them to check their work. We skipped 4.11 which was ‘composition’ they were suppose to write 6 adjectives, articles, noun phrases using their spelling words but by then the boys were getting restless, so we skipped it.

The Logic of English

Here the children are writing their phonograms down as I dictate them.

Happy Kids
Look at how much fun they are having playing the phonogram game. This was their favorite part of the lesson.

All of Brent’s lesson 4 workbook pages (I purchased the pdf workbook)

The Logic of English

The Logic of English


  1. This looks very interesting. I have an 8yo who is having a hard time learning to read beyond easy readers. So he can read just needs to be simple. I wonder if LOE would be good for him? He has completed all of level 1 and part of level 2 from ASS. LOE seems like it takes a large portion of your day and I have other children to teach as well as a job. What do you think? Can LOE still benefit my son if I skip parts of it? I'm thinking we would not do the grammar or composition parts. Would it still be effective?

  2. Hi, Linda,

    Yes, with LOE you can skip the grammar, vocabulary, and composition parts and only focus on the phonograms portion.

    Purchasing the workbook in pdf might be a better choice this way you're only printing what you need.

    LOE has different schedules. I'm using the 8 week schedule (although it will take us a bit longer because of a few days off) with my three boys (10, 11, 12). It can also be stretched out to last a year.

    With you having AAS phonogram cards you can get away with not buying the LOE ones because the TM shows which phonograms you'll be working on and you can pull yours out. It will take a bit more prep work can work if you need to save money.

    I don't have my AAS out it's in storage to check if they all match up but another option would be to make any of them that you may not have.

    Hope that helps some.



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