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The Logic of English-Lessons 5 & 6

Can you all tell I’m loving this program. It takes time to teach because I’m trying to fit almost all of it in which is fine with me. Right now I don’t have a full load of school to teach so it’s perfect timing with using The Logic of English.

One thing that I do like is grammar is added so that’s a bonus. I’m getting in phonics, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. I have been skipping some of the composition but plan to do some tomorrow.

Lesson 5:

The Logic of English

Caleb after he completed lesson 5 of The Logic of English.

The Logic of English

Lesson 5 took about 1hr and 15 minutes. This was a bit different because it was an assessment day.

  • 9:45~Review phonogram and previous spelling rules
  • 9:50~ Section 5.1, I dictated 15 phrases to the children. Once the children were done writing the phrase I’d write it on the board and they would make corrections. I did this with all 15.
  • 10:11~ 5.2, the children read words and phrases
  • 10:15~ completed 5.3. I had the kids read a list of words and mark the ones that they have trouble with. There were 60 words.
  • 10:30~ 5.4 Extra Practice: The children worked on syllables by dividing words. After each word we would discuss the rules and why the ‘a’ said it’s long or short sound.
  • 10:45-10:55~break
  • 10:57~ completed a spelling test and a Phonogram Quiz: 5.6.
  • 11:10-11:30 we played phonogram Blitz. The games would be so easy to skip but I know the boys love this part of the program.

We also completed section 5.5 but I didn’t write it down and am not sure if it was before or after the break. I dictated plural words and they had to write the singular word.

The Logic of English
Brent writing phrased that I’m dictating to him and his brothers. Brent’s work below.
The Logic of English
Ethan’s work. The Logic of English suggested that corrections be made in red.
The Logic of English
Ethan gets very upset when he doesn’t know the correct answer. It’s like walking on egg shells with him. I encourage him and let him know that he’s bound to make mistakes. His brothers at one time memorized the phonograms but he and Lance haven’t so it’s more of a challenge for Ethan and he gets discouraged.
The Logic of English
Brent’s page.
The Logic of English
Caleb and Brent playing Phonogram Blitz. Ethan wasn’t allowed to play because he wouldn’t finish his Phonogram Quiz.
The Logic of English

The Logic of English

Lesson 6

New Phonograms: ar, ch, oo
I explained broad sounds and introduced two new spelling rules. Grammar was comma usage in a series (two trucks, five dolls, and three balls).

Look who wanted to join in today!
The Logic of Englishs
He took out is school, paper, folders and made his little desk.
The Logic of English
Eventually we let him join us =)
The Logic of English
Today took almost 2 hours:

  • 9:03-Review previous phonograms and spelling rules. Introduced new ones. Completed 6.1
  • 9:08- 6.2, phonogram dictation
  • 9:15-6.3, practiced reading the vowel sounds: short with a breve, long with a straight line, broad with two dots. It was a little tricky. They all took a turn.
  • 9:20- 6.4, I dictated the vowel sounds and they wrote them.
  • 9:25- 6.5 Discover the Rule. Here they read words (each child read a row) and I asked them what did they notice about the words. What they noticed, letters were doubled (ll, ff, ss). New rule!
  • 9:30- Spelling Test. I dictated a word, they wrote it, I wrote it on the board saying each sound, they made corrections. If the word was a tricky one (with two phonograms that make one sound) I would finger spell it first.
  • 9:45- Grammar time. We reviewed nouns and adjectives we went over which words are nouns and adj. from their spelling list. Completed 6.7 Extra Practice with Plurals.
  • 10:00-10:15- Break time. The kids realized we didn’t take a break after the spelling test.
  • 10:15- Completed sections 6.8-6.10. This is the grammar sections. We practiced marking phrases with parts of speech and using commas in a series of words.
  • 10:20- 6.11 Commas in a series dictation. I dictated phrases that needed commas and they wrote them. We corrected the phrases one at a time together.
  • 10:30- 6.13 Compound Words
  • 10:40- Done!

We skipped 6.12.

The Logic of English
After break Lance came back with an owie. He hit his forehead on a pull-up bar while doing pull-ups.
The Logic of English
He got a small cut but in his eyes his head had split open.
The Logic of English

The Logic of English
Tomorrow instead of doing another lesson I’ll have them do some of the composition work that they have not completed yet.

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