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TOS Summer School


Annette and I are enjoying Beauty in the Heart. We are studying 1st Peter.


I was armed with my teacher guides. Rod and Staff Math 5 and The Logic of English.

I had Brent do a math lesson from Rod and Staff. He will actually use R&S Math 6 but I don’t have it yet so I thought it would be good for him to do something and reviewing it was.

With Logic of English I had Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance go through A-Z letters. I wanted to see if they remembered that the vowels and some consonants have more then one sound. They did good. The letter Y stumped them because of the 4th sound.

Tomorrow I’m going to start the first lesson with Caleb, Brent, and Ethan. Lance needs more practice with writing the letters in cursive so this week he will do that. I purchased the The Logic of English Essential pdf workbook so I can use this with four students. I would have preferred to buy the printed books but I need to start tomorrow, plus at $25.00 a workbook, well, I didn’t budget that in.

Handwriting without Tears

As you can see it’s going to be a long week with Lance.

Lance also completed his Time4Learning school. I had him review his phonics and continue with this math.

Joshua completing his Bob Jones History. We will be sending the Dvds back and ordering his books for next year which will be Heart of Dakota the high school guide. I’m pretty excited about this and so is Joshua.

Bob Jones

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  1. I'm going to love to see how you think the High School guide works. I looked at it at our homeschool convention and it looked sooooo good. But, my supposed to be 9th grader is being held back a year because of her bad choices and dragging her feet with her schooling. So instead of skipping MTMM, she will be using it to repeat 8th grade, and we will begin high school the following year. Blessings.


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