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TOS Summer School

Before I write about The Logic of English-Essentials I have something exciting to share, at least for me it’s exciting. Today I had an orthodontist appointment. The doctor that I haven’t seen in about two months mentioned that I look so thin and asked what I was doing. Of course I replied I’ve been on Atkins since January and have lost 30 pounds.

He was telling me how he had thrown out his ice cream the night before because his doctor had told him he has high cholesterol and needs to go on meds. (sound familiar?). I again told him I was in the same boat going down the meds lake but since starting Atkins my cholesterol levels are going down and my doctor is very pleased with my test results. I also suggested he watch Fat Heat to better understand cholesterol.

One of the ladies is losing weight on Weight Watchers so I suggested she try adding coconut oil to her diet. Guess what? She’s going to try Bulletproof Coffee. She was really interested in the benefits of coconut oil. After work she is picking some up at Sprouts.

I love chatting with people about healthy living.

Now onto blogging about our TOS Summer School days.

Today I started our first lesson of The Logic of English. Monday and Tuesday we went over the phonograms which the children have been introduced to but needed a refresher.

The Logic of English
The lesson from start to finish too 35 minutes today. Almost every thing we did in this lesson the children were familiar with.

We started with taking a few minutes to go over the phonograms that have two or more sounds. After reviewing the phonograms I dictated the whole alphabet by saying only the sound and they wrote the phonogram that makes that sound(s).

The spelling test was super easy but I told them the words will get harder as we move through the program. Today’s words were cat, bag, soft, pink, etc. We then used those words in the grammar lesson.

Grammar was learning what the definition of a noun is which again was super easy. Turning a noun into its plural form was also taught in the first lesson.

Tomorrow’s phonograms will be ‘ee’, ‘ck’, ‘ng’, and ‘th’. I’m pretty excited about this program.

Logic of Enlgish 
Ethan acting surprised.

Logic of English
Caleb and Brent writing their phonograms in cursive.

Lance is also using Logic of English. He doesn’t know all the phonograms yet or how to write them all in cursive. With him we are going over the phonograms and I have him practice writing the letters in cursive.

Annette and I completed another lesson of Beauty in the Heart. This is an inductive Bible study. We use pencils to mark, underline, circle, etc. to help us understand the passage better. I have fun spending time with Annette and studying God’s Word with her.

Lance will also complete Time4Learning Math and Phonics.

Joshua didn’t do any school today. He’s having fun at a waterslide park with one of his church friends.

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