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We Are Still Here

It’s late and I should be in bed but wanted to right a quick “we are still alive” post.

My MIL is visiting so the children and I have been busy. Believe it or not we have actually continued with some school. Mainly review items like Logic of English and People Keys (would love to write more about People Keys because it’s so interesting but I need to keep this short).

I’ve also received more school boxes. Half of Memoria Press is here, so that’s been exciting.

And I’ve been selected to review VideoText Algebra and it should be here Saturday!!! I’m really excited about this. We will receive Modules A and B. I can’t believe we have kids old enough to use VideoText Algebra.

Oh and I also get to review The Homeschool Mom’s Bible, can’t wait to for that as well.

The children are keeping busy with some school and lots of play. Today the younger boys went on one of their expeditions.

Josh, Annette, Caleb, and Ethan had fun with Grandma running errands. Their first stop was Hobby Lobby. My MIL’s favorite place. She loves buying the scrapbooking paper.

Annette went next door to Hancock’s Fabric. She is looking to make a dress or some aprons to sell.

The kid’s still love their guinea pigs. Here they made a Lego maze.

Lego Maze

Guinea Pigs

And look what I found while cleaning out the bookshelves.

School Planning

I remember the days when I use to plan out the kids school from K-12th. This is five or six years old. I had planned to use Calvert, My Father’s World, and WinterPromise. Some years I planned to combine. Just thinking about gets me a little dizzy.

Josh took this picture of me watering our new trees. He said, “Mom, you look so beautiful, can I take a picture of you?” awe, what a good son I have. He’s so sweet like that.


I am still eating well. I did splurge on Monday. We took my MIL out to one of her favorite places to eat, Babes Chicken. They have the best biscuits. I decided a few days before going that I was going to have me two biscuits. They were so yummy and I forgot the camera, so there is no picture of me eating my first biscuit in over 8 months! We had a good time though.

That is what we’ve been up too. Lupe my Sweets continues to work hard to provide for us.

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