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A Trip to Half Price Books

Our trip to Half Price was actually happened last month either the 29th or 30th. I have not had time to post what our family has been up to. Its been busy around here.

Here is one reason for the busyness but most of it is trying to keep school subjects going (think of those spinning plates). Baby L. is so precious and a very happy, happy, happy, baby. He is so sweet!
My little Lance is a gentleman like his father.
He combed his hair all on his own too!
I love to see my hubby laugh and smile. I love his his smile and (shhhh) his cute crows feet =)
I found this Algebra book that I might be able to use with one of my kiddos. It looked pretty good and was only $9.99. I can’t believe my kids are doing Algebra now (well pre algebra right now).
The children were allowed to pick one book each and surprisingly I didn’t take any pics (aack!). Caleb, Brent, and Ethan, traded their books in for a Star Wars Risk game which costed $25.00 but thankfully it was 20% off day.

After we were done shopping Lupe took us our for some ice cream cones (I didn’t have one of course). The kids have been so helpful at home and we like to spoil them once in a while to show them how thankful we are for all their help.

Here are the boys playing with their Risk game that we purchased from Half Price.


  1. What a neat family outing! It's been so long since I have actually walked into a book store. I've been doing everything online.

    The baby is just adorable! I really miss having little ones around my home.

  2. We love Half Price. This one was huge and had a coffee shop too but we didn't stop for a java =)

    Yes, the little guy is way too cute!


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