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I Collect Jars Too

My Jars

I love jars of all sizes. They are so pretty to me. I only collect jars that have a wide mouth. I recently have added smaller jars too. I use to throw the small ones out but I have noticed they are very useful when I open a can of coconut milk or even smaller can of coconut cream.

Some come from peanut butter jars, salsa jars, jam jars, and even a pickle jar although I have to soak and wash the pickle jars really good.

I put all kinds of things in them, homemade frosting, coconut milk, extra black beans for my Mex. Cottage Cheese salad, and my dad’s homemade salsa, the uses are endless.


  1. Love it! I just gave away 2 big boxes FULL of jars. It was hard to part with, but since my kitchen cabinets are too full, they had to go.

    Enjoy the jars!

  2. I'm going to have to stop soon as my kitchen cabinets are pretty full as well. It will be hard to throw a nice jar away =)


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