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Joshua’s 10th Grade Curriculum!!! (13/14)

High School
My eldest son is in his 2nd year of high school. I still can’t believe I have a high schooler. Wow!
This year we decided to switch from Bob Jones to Heart of Dakota. We loved Bob Jones but it was hard to complete most of it. Joshua worked hard to get his schoolwork done and spent many hours a day trying to keep up.

I showed him HOD I laid it all the facts in front of him (I knew how to approach him Winking smile ). The main fact was it looked more doable for him, something that can be completed. Joshua likes to complete what he starts. For him to start a program but not finish it, he doesn’t see that as accomplishing his work. He is a start to finish kind of guy. He thrives on that and after he completed PeopleKeys StudentKeys Student Workbooks I understand that this is very important to him so I’m excited to see him finish the last page of all his books this year.
The Hearts for Him High School World Geography package from Heart of Dakota looks wonderful and I’m really excited about this school year for Joshua.
This exciting course give credits:
  • 1 full credit for World Geography
  • 1/2 credit for World Religion
  • 1 credit for Bible
  • 1/2 credit for Logic
  • 1/2 credit for Spanish (we are adding in Latin too so I’m not sure if I should make this 1 full credit)
  • 1 credit for English
  • 1 credit for Science
  • 1 credit for Math
I tried breaking up the subjects but might have placed a book in the wrong section.
I forgot to grab and take a picture of his AWANA book. He will be using that as part of his Bible program too.
Josh is pretty excited about Logic using these two books.
There is suppose to be a picture of Must See Places of the World DVD set as well but my son misplaced the set.

I have been wanting to have Joshua use Mapping the World with Art for years but could never fit it in and guess what?!?! It’s part of his 10th grade year. I don’t know why I was amazed how God worked everything out. Some of the books in the HOD package were books that I have been wanting Joshua to use. The Logic set was another one and the timeline too!!!
I’ve been trying to read some of the books for his World Religion course but I’ve only read Dared to Call Him Father so far.
His English Course is packed with good reads!!! I swapped out Rod and Staff English with Bridgway English. I had The Screwtape Letters audio so I added that in and told Joshua he can read and listen to this book.
Another picture of his English Course. I love books and taking pictures =)
Living Library
The Living Library books are his extra reads to help his geography/history course come alive as they say. One can never have too many books!
Joshua will also complete a Physical Education course via Alert Cadet and Family Fitness program.
He is also completing a Micro Business for Teens.
Bible and Devotional Study (1 full credit):
  • Rooted & Grounded Bible Study
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Prayer for Unreached People Groups, Personal Prayer Based on the Biblical Model of Prayer, Keeping a Prayer Journal
  • Choice of Practical Happiness or Stepping Heavenward
  • Reading and Annotating
Logic (½ credit):
  • The Fallacy Detective
  • Art of Argument
  • Discussions
  • Completion of Provided Questions and Assignments
English (1 full credit):
  • BJU Fundamentals of Literature
    • Readings
    • Discussions
    • Answering Literary Analysis, Biblical Worldview, and Critical Thinking Questions
  • Classic Novels: Girl Set or Boy Set
    • Readings
    • Oral Narrations
    • Written Narrations
    • Common Place Book Entries
  • Essentials in Writing: Grade 10
    • DVD Lessons
    • Follow-up Assignments:
    • Writing Personal, Persuasive, Expository, and Compare and Contrast Essays
    • Research Paper
  • Building Securely English (first half)
    • Grammar
    • Writing
    • English Skills
  • Studied Dictation (passages included)
Science with or without Lab (1 full credit):
  • Integrated Physics & Chemistry Course
    • 12 Chapters (742 pages) of Narrative Text Written by John Hudson Tiner on Physics and Chemistry-Related Topics
    • Accompanying Activity Books Utilize Fill- in the-Blank, Vocabulary, and Short Answer Questions
  • MicroPhySci Lab Kit
    • Lab Manual (207 pages) and Kit include 36 Experiments with Supplies to Perform Each Experiment 5 Times (Note: Some Household Supplies Are Required)
    • Experiments Are Scheduled in theWorld Geography Guide to match Tiner's Integrated Physics & ChemistryText
Math (1 full credit): Bridgeway Math books 1 & 2
World Geography (1 full credit):
  • Readings
  • Key Word, Summary, Detailed, and Topic Oral Narrations
  • Expedition Journal Entries consisting of Bulleted Notes, Outlines, Sketches, Primary Source Documents, Questions Based on Bloom's Taxonomy, Video Viewing Guides, Research Topics, Socratic Discussions, etc.
  • DVD Viewing and Follow-ups using Must See Places of the World
  • Written Narrations of Geography Readings
  • Book of Centuries Portrait Gallery and Lined Timeline Entries
  • Guided Mapping Lessons using Mapping the World With Art
  • Hands-on Geography and Navigational Projects/Activities
  • Living Library Readings followed by Writing a One-Sentence Summary or Giving an Oral Narration
World Religion & Cultures (½ credit)
  • Readings
  • Graphic Organizers and Reflective Notebook Entries for World Religion & Culture's Study
  • Bookmark Prompts Target Higher-Level Responses to Readings
  • Oral Narrations
Foreign Language Option (½ credit):
  • Getting Started With Spanish


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about this as you go through your year. My eldest "should" be using this next year. Hoping she doesn't get behind like she has the last two years. Blessings.

  2. Oh, I love Art of Argument! I did it two years ago (in 8th grade). Last year, I did the Discovery of Deduction, and this year I am doing The Argument Builder. It's such a terrific series!

  3. I love the selection of books. So much good reading.

    If I showed all that work to my 16 year old he'd probably faint. ha ha ha. That is a serious load there. :o)

  4. Thank you ladies for visiting. Josh is so excited about all his books this year. Yesterday he said that now he would have loved to have used HOD last year too but oh well, he enjoyed Bob Jones.

  5. Linda, I hope your son likes the Micro Business for Teens books! There's a YouTube video, Starting a Micro Business, he light like as well. Go to the homepage at MicroBusinessforTeens.com. It's me talking to an audience of teens and parents and then profiles of 6 teenagers who all started their own micro businesses.
    I homeschooled for 14 years (both my daughters are in college now) and really loved the high school years. I liked seeing some of the same books we used in your blog post!
    Carol Topp
    Author Micro BusinessforTeens.com

  6. Carol, thank you for stopping by!!! I will definitely have my son watch the YouTube video.

    My daughter has picked up your books as well and loves them.


  7. We're looking at using this exact curriculum for my soon to be 9th grader. How did it go for you all? We're also looking and comparing it to Bob Jones 9th Grade World Geography. Is it too much as in the work load?

  8. Kathy, Joshua has loved his 10th grade year. My dd will use the high school guide this coming school year too. We are looking forward to the next guide.

    It took my son about 6+ hours. Sometimes less just depending on his day.

    He did use BJ World Geography and enjoyed that as well. We rented the dvds. With BJ his days were long.

    Both were a hit with Josh here. Josh doesn't mind using textbooks. In fact he works really well with them. So when we made the switch to HOD that was one of my concerns. The HOD guide is well laid out and is not overwhelming for Josh.


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