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Our First Day Back to Homeschool (2013/2014)

The students
Group shots
The calm teacher . . .
I woke at 6:40 A.M. and started waking my sleepy little gang. I told the kids that they needed to be ready for school by 8:00 A.M. that meant teeth brushed, hair combed, and breakfast done!
8:00~First Form Latin with Caleb, Brent, Ethan
9:22~ Rod and Staff Spelling with Caleb, Brent, and Ethan
10:00~Break (spelling took a bit long)
11:10~Composition (Memoria Press Fables)
12:00~lunch but mama had narration time with Annette
12:30~Lunch for mama
1:00~Math with Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance (mama hoping from one child to the next)
2:00~Break for the rest of the day
Ugh, I didn’t get much schooling with Lance. He completed math and penmanship only. Yikes.
Joshua loves his math (Bridgeway Academy Math). Hope he thinks the same with Brideway Academy English.
Annette is chugging along. She had all her school books for a few weeks now and is on the 2nd Unit.

My happy Caleb. He is a super student.
My dedicated student.

My sleepy student (Brent).
Josh, my hard working student.
Ethan didn’t want me to take a picture.
Lance, um poor guy didn’t do much and when he did do school I was so busy running between him and the three middle boys (Caleb, Brent, Ethan).


  1. I love how you have all their work in those magazine boxes. I am also a bit of a fan of Memoria Press and am really interested in how that goes for you all. Congrats on a new school year. :o)

  2. Thank you Deborah. I'm interested to see how using MP pans out for us. Hopefully we will stay on track.

  3. Such cute pictures Linda! Glad it is all going well. YOU LOOK GREAT!

  4. Thank you Michele =) This is the first time I took back-to-homeschool pics. Every year I meant to but it never happened. Poor kiddos. Josh is almost done with school too.

  5. You have such a beautiful family and your are just amazing with all those grade levels. The most I had ever had was 4 at one time --now the most I will have is 3 for the next 3 years and then 2. Time flies!

    Happy Homeschooling!

  6. Some days I barely make it ;) I can't believe that in three years I'll be only schooling five. Yikes. And what am I doing even thinking about that.

    You do an amazing job with your children. Your kids are going to have some amazing memories with mama.


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