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Schoolhouse Review: PeopleKeys-StudentKeys Student Binder

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PeopleKeys, I have been anxiously awaiting this review all year. I wanted to use the StudentKeys Student Binder with Joshua because knowing how he thinks and processes information I believe will be very valuable to me as his mom and teacher. Also when working with his dad he too can better communicate with Joshua.

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I received the student binder which comes with 6 workbooks:

The Personality Style Workbook~ This is a 17 page workbook upon completion will give information as to which of the D.I.S.C personality you child leans more to. My husband and I were amazed at how accurate this was. We knew that Joshua is a very organized person and thinks logically. This not only confirmed that but also gave us more insight for instance he scored on the DISC graph close to a midline C.

With Joshua as a C he is compliant, cautious, and correct. He likes to take on passive roles and is task oriented. He thinks things through, is a good organizer, has high standards, is accurate, but one of his danger zones is finding fault easily and he can be so focuses on details that he may miss the pic picture and he can be too critical at times.

What Josh needs from us is:

  • “I want to do things the correct way.”
  • “Answer my question with quality information.”
  • “Give me the facts.”
  • “Let me keep the group records and take notes.”
  • “Explain your expectations of me up front.”
  • “Give me a job to do, then leave me alone to do it.”

This is so Joshua and with my husband and I spending so much time with Josh knew that he was a logical, give-me-what I need to know type personality but again this gave us some insight as to how he thinks and communicates. I know that having this information will benefit our relationship with Joshua.

The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook is a 19 page workbook explains the three perceptual learning styles: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic. Joshua answered 20 questions. We totaled them all up and found he is an auditory learner. Kinesthetic being his lowest score and again this is spot on. When he was little he didn’t like playing with math manipulatives. He was more, tell me how to do it and let me get it done.

Once you find which learning style your child prefers there are tools to help your child increase their effectiveness with not only the one they leaned toward but all three.

The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook is the 2nd two learning style assessments with the Perceptual being the 1st. With this one you will find if your child is a literal, intuitive, theoretical, or experiential thinker.

This was a fun one for me to see which my son leaned toward and how his mind thinks which is fascinating to me, of course he’s more of a literal thinker. Theoretical thinker was the runner up for him. Both literal and theoretical thinkers describe my son to a ‘T’. Logical, organized, well-informed, thorough, systematic, practical, etc.

This workbooks gives information with how each thinker (literal, intuitive, theoretical or experiential) excels, where your thinking is limited, how you work in a group, and how you work alone, also how you may improve your thinking and how you may improve your learning. I was really interested in this one with learning more about my literal and theoretical thinker. I think out of all the workbooks this  one was my favorite.

The Values Style Workbook is a 16 page workbook that helps identify your personal value system: Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom and Justice. Value style determines ones perception of the world around them and affects the choices we make, the path we take, and even the words we say.

Joshua’s assessment showed 30 which was just below the ‘high intensity’ section.  His second highest style was 28, which was midline. Again it described Joshua with how he does follow the proper and correct way of doing things in accordance with established rules. He focuses on people working together for the greater good (he liked that line).

The Career Choice Workbook is a 24 page workbook that actually uses the same questionnaire that is in the Personality  Style Workbook. When going through the questions this time you are encouraged to think of yourself in a ‘professional’ environment. This book has some occupational suggested in compliant with ones personality style.

Joshua thought it interesting to read a paragraph on Labor Shortage which talked about how the baby boomers are retiring and the replacement pool of workers is not large enough to replace them. His highest score was an S which shows that he in the Steady/Stable category. Some of the general occupations for this category is customer service representative, forensic experts, researchers, sales people, and department heads just to name a few.

The two second highest style which were the same was D (Dominant/Driver) and C (Compliant/Conscientious).

The Goal Setting Workbook is a 17 page workbook which provides direction and helps with setting and planning information. This is the only workbook that does not have a profile.

Each workbook (except for The Goal Setting Workbook) contain a questioner with a suggested time for each one. You don’t want to over analyze each questions and this is the reason for the suggested time frame.


My final thoughts: This was a fun review. I and Joshua really enjoyed reviewing StudentKeys Student Binder (and Annette is asking for her own binder). It was very informative and confirmed what my husband and I have noticed about Joshua. It gave ideas with how to communicate with Joshua and really understand the way he thinks.

Joshua found that by learning about the different personality styles and how others think he can better communicate with others.

Each of my children will have their own StudentKeys Binders as they enter high school. I loved this review and so did Josh. He and I had a great time going over each booklet and learning about each other.

My husbands and I had a few laughs too for instance my hubby is a literal thinker and often gets in trouble because he is a get to the point, stick to the facts, and keep emotions out of the project. Me on the other hand has emotion written all over.

Recommended age: high school-college age/13+ to adult
Price: $49.00
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeopleKeys.Inc
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/PeopleKeys

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