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Schoolhouse Review: VideoText Interactive Algebra

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I have heard many good things about VideoText Interactive but up until now my children were not ready for it. What a blessing to have VideoText come up for the Schoolhouse Crew to review. Talk about perfect timing!

Annette was almost done with her 8th grade math and ready to start pre algebra. First thing I did was check to see if my daughter ready for this program by visiting “Is My Child Ready for VideoText Algebra” page.

I received two Modules: Module A and Module B. Each module separately cost $99.95 or you can purchase all modules A-F for $529.00. If you prefer the online version for all modules you can purchase that too for $299.00 but please visit their website for details regarding their license.
Each module includes:
  • Student Worktext
  • Progress Tests
  • Instructors Guide with Detailed Solutions for Progress Tests
  • Course Notes
  • Solutions Manual
  • DVDs
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Algebra a complete course has your child learning Pre Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2 together thus ‘the complete course’. Instead of breaking Algebra up like most math programs.
Most traditional math programs have the child do Algebra 1, Geometry, then Algebra 2. By the time most students start Algebra 2 they need to review and therefore some of Pre Algebra and Algebra are repeated in many Algebra 2 courses.

One of the main reasons I wanted to review this math program (and use it with my children) is because Tom Clark has a passion to teach the ‘why’ of math. I want my children to understand the why of algebraic concepts. This has been very important to me since the children were little and it’s the way I want them to learn Algebra.

The DVDs are not meant to be handed to your child and watched. The program has the word ‘interactive’ because you want your child to interact with the ‘instructor’ by pausing and answering the questions.
During this time your child is encouraged NOT to take notes while watching. This is so your child can interact and not miss any of the teaching. In fact course notes are included with VideoText Interactive Algebra. Everything that is on the DVD will be in the notes and your child can refer to them when needed.
Each lesson in the Student WorkText gives the objective, important terms, and a few examples with solutions. There are about 20 to 25 problems and it’s suggested that the student do the odd problems after watching the DVD. If the child did well then they can move on to the next lesson. If not the child can re-watch the DVD (or have a parent go over the concept) and then complete the even numbers. If you feel your child still needs more practice you may print of Extra Practice Problems at the VideoText Interactive website.

Each lesson has two quizzes, which I think is a great idea. If your child needs to retake a quizz there is an extra one available.

How we used VideoText Algebra: I had both Annette and Caleb to this independently. From watching the lesson to correcting their work.

Once they were done with the watching the DVD they would complete 3 problems, correct them, and if they understood and got the first three problems correct they were allowed to finish their lesson (doing only the odd problems).

If they missed the first 3 then they would correct them. If they still had trouble I would watch the lesson with them and also go over a few problems as well.
You can print from their website a form ‘Algebra Progress Checklist’ to keep track of your child’s progress.

My final thoughts: I like this program. My children were able to use this program independently and that’s a huge help to me. I love that my children are learning the ‘why’ of math and not just memorizing solutions. The program is organized making it simple for my children to move through the program with minimal help from me and were able to grade their own work which is another plus. I would correct the quizzes and test.

I hope to use this math program with all my children. My oldest son Joshua has struggled with math and my husband and I were not even sure if he’d complete Algebra two but after looking over the pacing schedules we are hopeful that he will be able to complete the course in one year using the One Year Pacing Plan.

Annette my 8th grade daughter is using the 2 Year Pacing Plan while Caleb my 7th grader is using the 3 Year Pacing Plan.

If you would like to request a Video Sampler or view an online sample lesson please click HERE.
Some of my Crew Mates reviewed Algebra Online as well as the Geometry course, so please click on the banner below to read more VideoText Interactive reviews.

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  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for this review. I saw VT a few years ago back when I started homeschooling, but for some reason, never gave it another thought. This will go on Joshua's "maybe" list as I am not quite sure if we are going to continue with MUS for Algebra either, even though it was successful for Adam. Joshua is just a different type of learner.

    Can you share with me why you didn't continue with MUS Algebra for Annette? You can email me if you would like...:)

    I miss you! You are looking awesome! Wow! Your stamina and determination is inspiring.

    Dee :)