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Sweet Girl

Annette has tried her best to eat less grains and dairy and knowing that her daddy needs to eat low carb (glycemic) she has been on the hunt for some good chocolate chip cookies.

She’s been scoring the Paleo sites and found one she wanted to try. This one did call for honey but I was okay with her dad having honey (yes she had to see if they were mom approved Winking smile).


He dad who is quite picky liked them. I didn’t try them because of the honey and arrowroot. For me they were too high carb but I’m so glad she is looking for alternate recipes to some of our favorite desserts. She’s becoming a good Paleo/low carb baker. She still eats non Paleo things like ice cream once in a while but she has cut back a lot.


Her allergies are back since she has stopped the Whole30. We want to do another Whole30 sometime soon but mama hasn’t been up to it.

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  1. Awww...so precious of her to help her daddy.

    They look yummy, too!


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