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Happy Birthday Brent and Annette

I’m writing this a little late. Brent’s birthday was a few weeks ago and Annette’s birthday was in September!!! I’m still playing catch-up with my pictures. Did I say I was behind =)
We celebrated Annette’s and Brent’s birthday together. Usually we celebrate Caleb’s and Annette’s birthdays together but since Caleb was turning the big 13 we thought it would be nice for him to have a birthday all to himself.

I love Annette’s smile. This year she wanted an ice cream cake, so that’s what we got. Chocolate cake with cookie dough (I think) ice cream. We bought one cake for both kiddos.

My Sweets is the one who lights the candles. It’s one of our little traditions.
Our birthday parties usually consist of Grandpa Joe and cousins. If my brother is around then he’ll join in as well. Most of our family lives out of state.

Not sure why Josh and his cousin are laughing but it’s good for the liver right?!?!
Awwe, love my kids. Looks like a little one wants to help blow out the candles.
Don’t you just love how we (my family, not my SIL) wrap gifts, with boxes and packaging envelops.

I thought it was sweet of Brent to let Annette be the first to open a gift. Especially since he has been waiting all year!!!

Lance gave Brent a monkey.

His cousins wrapped Brent’s gift with lots and lots of packaging tape (if you know what I mean Winking smile)

He loves Star Wars Legos.

From her Auntie and cousins Annette received this really nice Binder. I loved the quality of it. I did a little research and the binder was sold by Hallmark in 2003. 

My SIL has a gift of finding some really neat things at a great price. She paid a whopping .50 for the binder. (just for the record we don’t mind gifts that are not ‘new’. We actually love used finds. I am not adding the price to embarrass, I was just really impressed and it’s part of our memories. )
Auntie also gave her some material and a gift card so she can shop at Joanne's Fabric.

Dad and I gave Annette a gift card to Walmart so she could pick some fabric out. Joanne’s and Walmart were on her list because they both have fabric at a good price.
Another gift from Auntie. Lupe and I also gave Brent a Star Wars Lego set but I didn’t get a picture of it.

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  1. A fun birthday party and filled with lots of special people - FAMILY!