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Schoolhouse Review: Bridgeway Academy

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If you are looking for a remedial English program Bridgeway Academy may just have what your are looking fore: Bridgeway English.

My oldest son Joshua is smart and a great student. I love his passion to learn and am thankful that he has that drive because he also has a hard time academically with some subjects. English being one of them and as a mom seeing your child struggle is heartbreaking. Especially when they try so hard to do well.
I have tried a handful of English programs and they always leave my poor guy confused because of the rules. Include diagramming and Joshua’s brain just doesn’t get it.
Thankfully this year as a Crew member I was allowed to review:
Bridgeway English is targeted for grades 7-12. My son is 15 years old and in 10th grade.
Bridgeway English
Bridgeway English Book 1 focuses on grammar. Your child will cover:
  • Subject & Predicate
  • Four types of sentences
  • Noun functions
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases
  • Conjunctions & Interjections
Bridgeway English Book 2 will focus on writing. Your child will cover:
  • Clauses
  • Sentence variety
  • Subject/verb Agreement
  • Grammar & Mechanics
  • Writing Skills
  • Rules of Capitalization
  • Rules of Punctuation
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Letter writing, business writing, and study skills
  • Critical thinking skills & reasoning
  • Learning about fact verses fiction
As you can see it covers a lot. An aspect that Joshua and I liked about this program is it is not overwhelming for the student. Each Unit which is called a PAK has three sections, each section introduces a new objective. For instance Section 1 covers: Parts of Speech, Section 2: Four Kinds of Sentences, and Section 3: Sentence Fragments. At the end of each Section is a Review and at the end of the PAK (unit) the child completes a comprehensive test. The test can be found in the back of the book. Each book has six PAKS.

All instructions are given in a shaded box. This works for my son. He can clearly see what needs to be done and when he comes back to review any information he can scan the shaded boxes and skip everything else. It just makes everything look neat and tidy a huge plus for Josh.
One way my son learns best is my repetition. For him a more mastery approach works well. Bridgeway English is a mastery program. It is important that the lessons are completed in order to assure the child will master the material.

Joshua is also a very independent student and Bridgeway English is a self-instructional course as well. Parents are encouraged to go over missed answers and have the student review the portion of the lesson that they are having trouble with.

Joshua loved that the instructions were clear and he always knew what to do.
Bridgeway Enlgish
At the end of each lesson the student is instructed to check, correct, and recheck their answers.
Bridgeway English
Sprinkled throughout both books are short stories or narratives called Tremendous Tales. Josh had fun reading them and it made the course more enjoyable. I know my son caught me a few times reading them.
Another thing my son loved was finding encouraging and motivational quotes. Many of them he would come and show me. He found quotes from Abraham Lincoln, John Maxwell, Mr. Rogers, and even a character in Winnie the Poo.
So far Josh and I have loved everything about this program:
  • Clear instructions
  • Shaded boxes
  • Easy to understand
  • Clean pages
  • Encouraging quotes
  • Tremendous Tales
  • Independent learning (no waiting for mom Winking smile)
Well, there is one minor con that Josh mentioned, the books covers have pink and there are only girls on the covers. He was able to overlook this though and is really happy with Bridgeway English. As for me, I like pink and thought the covers were very pretty.

There is also remedial math program by Bridgeway Academy: Math Foundations. They are set up much the same way as the English books.
Bridgeway Math
Book 1 covers the basics of math and book two covers Pre-Algebra. Josh is very happy with this math program as well and loves the yellow covers too!

The math program I bought for Josh because I was pretty impressed with the English program. I’m very thankful for Brideway and their remedial courses.

My final thoughts on Bridgeway English: The program is thorough and I feel once Joshua completes both books he will have a good grasp of grammar. I would be fine if he chose to not continue with another grammar program. What I would like him to do because he does need that repetition is review the lessons and maybe use free grammar worksheets online to keep what he’s learned fresh in his mind.
Bridgeway is considered  a remedial course but I believe it would be great start for 6th or 7th grade students and if one wishes to move onto a more advanced grammar program. I think the program is great and would highly recommend both the English and Math courses, especially if you feel your child is not where h/she should be or ‘behind’.

I’m considering having some of my other children use either one or both programs too. If I had known about Bridgeway before I purchased our curriculum for Caleb and Brent I would have definitely started both of them this year using the math and English courses.

I would love if there were sample pages of both programs on the Bridgeway website. I am a visual person and I like to see what I’m buying. I usually will not purchase something if there are no sample pages. The only reason I bought Bridgeway math was because I had seen their English books otherwise I would have not felt comfortable with buying it. I did search their site and even scored the internet for sample pages of the math program but I failed to find any which I think is unfortunate because I really do think they have a wonderful product that many homeschoolers can benefit from.
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