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Schoolhouse Review Crew is Now Accepting Applications!!!!

Guess what time of year it is for the Schoolhouse Review Crew?!?!?! Our Crew year is winding down. We all have a handful of reviews before the year is over. If you have been wanting to join the Crew now is the time!!!

 photo 2014Applications_zps30afe543.png

For me the Crew has been a huge blessing. I love being able to review products and write about them. My whole family has benefited with being part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I’ll admit that it does take time to use the products and write a review (something I enjoy immensely) and I think of it as my job. I take reviewing for the Schoolhouse Review Crew seriously. I made a commitment and I need to follow through with using the items and writing a fair and honest review.

This year I was blessed with many great items. Some we have continued to use like Logic of English with my four younger boys.

VideoText Algebra was a huge blessings and I hope to continue using it with my Annette and Caleb next year. This year Annette will use another Crew review item IXL.

PeopleKeys is a keeper and I plan to use this with all my children. Josh and I had a lot of fun with PeopleKeys. It confirmed what we knew and gave us new insight with how my son’s brain works. Hubby and I felt it kind of opened our eyes with how Josh needs us to communicate with him.

And that is only a handful of items we received this year.

Another huge blessing is the friendships I’ve made. The Schoolhouse Review Crew is a close community. We share our joys and sorrows. We pray and virtually hang out with each other. It’s just a wonderful place to be.

So fill out the application and I hope to see you on the other side =)

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