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Schoolhouse Review: EEME

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Brent 12yrs. and Lance 10yrs. have shown interest in electronics. Especially Brent, he is always asking if he can take apart my coffee pot or the toaster. Toaster, maybe, coffee pot, I don’t think so. I love my morning cup of java. I see a little engineer in the making. He loves to build all kinds of neat things with his Legos. I was really impressed when he made a huge Death Star ship (from Star Wars). He had this big ship balancing with a very small base. It was pretty incredible if you ask this mama!

When picked to review EEME I was excited for my boys. They were going to get the chance to put their light kit together.

Here is what we received from EEME:

  • 1 Black battery holder
  • 1 Breadboard
  • 1 White enclosure box (Add on item for $10.95 but at the time of this review it’s free!)
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Two 2 inch yellow wires
  • Two1 inch blue wires
  • 4 Thumbscrews (If you purchased the white enclosure box)
  • 4 Hex bolts (If you purchased the white enclosure box)
  • 2 Resistors
  • 1 Photo resistor
  • 1 LED light

When the box came it didn’t seem like much to me but my boys were impressed. They were excited to see the all the little wires and such.


When the box arrived the children and I logged onto our EEME account. This is a free account, so you can view the lessons before purchasing to see if it’s something you’d like to do with your children. All you need to do is provide an email address. 

With our light kit in hand we carefully spread out the contents and started watching the online video.


The videos are wonderful for visual learners. The child can follow along with the video instructor and pause when needed.  

The videos are segmented which is great for the younger learners who need a break. Josh and Brent were able to watch all the videos and put the kit together in one day.

As the instructor is showing the child how to put the light kit together he is also explaining how it works. After each segment there are questions for the student to answer.


How Exactly does EEME work? EEME is a five month subscription for $18.95 a month you will receive a kit to assemble. Each months kit will build from the previous one. For instance with Project 2 (2nd month) your child will reuse the breadboard, battery pack, and base to complete the DIY Display project.

EEME5  There is also a virtual kit that I thought was really neat. This is include when you open a free account!
EEME1 What did my kids think of EEME: I thought my 9 year old son would really be interested in this but he was not. He only sat through the first video. Brent (12yrs.) really enjoyed it and had lots of fun with it. My oldest son Josh (15yrs.) really, really, really, liked putting the kit together.


In fact Josh offered to pay for the rest of the kits so he could do all of EEME’s projects! My husband and I decided that we would purchase it for him though because we know it’s something he’d appreciate and really wants to do.

EEME’s five month subscription is recommended for ages 7-12, in our case ages 7-15 :)

EEME Led Light

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