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Schoolhouse Review: God’s World News

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I love God’s World News magazine. In the past I had a subscription and the children and I absolutely loved it. I was delighted to review the high school magazine, TRAK.

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I received full year subscription which includes 10 full color magazines (excluding December and May) for a yearly price of $28.00.

In each magazine you can expect to see:

  • In depth feature stories (suitable for teens)
  • Editorials which promote critical thinking skills
  • Economics and technology
  • Info graphics which illustrate important news concepts
  • Coverage of cultural events, exposes students to appropriate events

Also included is access to God’s World News website that correspond with the paid subscription. The website has the digital version of the current magazine as well as archived issues. You also have access to extended news lessons, quizzes, web only content (stories), biographies and a digital world map.

I received a one year subscription with online access and three issues upfront to read and explore.


My kids especially Annette (13yrs.) and Joshua (15yrs.) were excited about receiving God’s World News Trak. As soon as it arrived they devoured it. I didn’t even get a chance to read it aloud to them those stinkers. Right away they were asking each other, “Are you finished with it?” because they both wanted to read it.

Throughout the weeks of the review period the children and I were able to discuss what we read in Trak. We all found that we enjoyed the magazine and read each one from cover to cover.

God’s World News Magazine brought current events around the globe to my children. This is an area that unfortunately has been neglected. I want my children to know what is going on around the world, I want to discuss, dissect, flesh out, and talk about how things relate to us and God. Why are things happening in the Middle East, in the states, and our country.

Joshua’s favorite part of Trak was the comics, I should have known. I enjoyed reading Behind the Headline, while Annette just loved every part of Trak.


What is really great about God’s World News is they have magazines for every grade/age. From Pre-K to high school.

God's World News Magazine 

In the younger editions my favorite section were the Bible2Life where a verse related to the article. I loved that it tied what the Bible said to the story.

Pre-K to Kinder1st and 2nd

As a homeschooling mom I’m always on the look-out for good quality magazines for my children. Something that has meat and is worth our time to read. When I was growing up I would have really enjoyed something like Trak. Instead I was reading goofy teenage girl magazines that were secular and talked about oneself. I was reading articles about applying make-up or how you know if ‘he’ likes you kind of stuff. I have made a commitment to myself that I would not let my daughter read such shallow nonsense.

When I found God’s World News I was excited that I could have a magazine delivered right to my door with quality content. No teeny bopper magazines at this house. These magazines are great to add as a school subject, to dig deeper and research, or for the coffee table.

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