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September Pictures

I’m not sure if I shared this picture of my boys outside. I am so far behind it’s not even funny Smile with tongue out.

Ethan 10, Lance 9, and Brent 12.

Caleb studying for AWANA and Lance eating a carrot.

Cute Lance foot. He was attacked by something. Not sure what. Look at those adorable toes!

I goofed making a Muffin in a Minute and came out with a Mudslide Cake. Yum!

Duck Dynasty
This was the month we started watching Duck Dynasty.

I started watching a cute little 3 month old baby boy. He brings lots of smiles to all our faces.

God's World Magazine TRAK
Annette and Josh received their first issue of God’s World Magazine-TRAK

 Homeschooling6 Mom
I received beautiful flowers from my sister MaryEllen asking if I will accept her invitation to be in her wedding!!!

Of course I said YES!!!!

Kefir Shake
Hubby and I enjoy having a Kefir-coconut shake every morning.

We celebrated my husbands 34th birthday!

Caleb turned 13 years old. He is our 3rd teenager!!!

The big tree in our yard was trimmed. Now there is a big whole in the sky.

The Clean-up crew =)

Annette also had a birthday but we didn’t celebrate in Sept. She let Caleb have his special day all to himself since he was turning 13. Because they are 1 year and 6 days apart they usually celebrate their birthdays together.

And that was the month of Sept. in pictures!

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