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Week ??? (2013/2014)

I can’t believe how little I’ve been blogging this month. It’s so not like me. I usually have tons of stuff to write. I miss writing but it’s been busy crazy here. Birthdays (that I need to write about), watching a baby, getting my reviews done, etc. etc. etc. I guess the usual.

With homeschooling it’s been slow. I am not doing to well with Memoria Press. The writing and grammar are not going to well. I lost the teacher manual and cards for history so that has been slow. The boys love learning about insects for science (although we have added in Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics) and the Latin is slow but we are using it at least.

Rod and Staff math, well that’s been thrown out already. I love R&S math but it just has never worked for us. Yes, I tried it in the past. Instead Ethan is using IXL, Caleb is currently using IXL but will combine Math-U-See Zeta with it after the review period, Brent is using a combination of IXL and Math Essentials, Annette is using IXL and we have decided for now she can stick with it and pick-up VideoText later this year and Josh too is using IXL (he loves it) and will continue to use Bridgeway Math as well. Oh, I almost forgot Lance. He is still using Rod and Staff Math.

Annette and Josh are doing wonderful with Heart of Dakota and I’m thinking but not sure if it will happen, to pull out Heart of Dakota Res. to Ref. for Caleb. He has too much time on his hands because he has to wait for me. I’m not sure though because he’ll be using Logic of English which takes a few hours and another hour of Latin, that won’t give him much time to complete the rest of his studies from Heart of Dakota.

So as you can see I’m not sure about much with our homeschooling right now. Thankfully we are getting Latin, science, math, and Logic of English done. I do need to make sure my boys are reading more so they can continue to develop their reading skills.
With non school my boys are enjoying their Legos.
Brent and Ethan working hard with creating Star Wars Land or something like that.
These pictures were actually taken at the end of August!!! That’s how behind I am with posting.

I love when these two get along. Some days they don’t play so well together.

Josh is finding that he loves working with electronic type things. Right now I’m reviewing the Project Genius Light from EEME. He was so excited when he finished making the light and would like to pay for more projects.

Annette continues to help with watching the baby. She really loves having him around. He is a cutie!
I officially have three teenagers now. Caleb turned 13yrs. old in Sept. Annette turned 14yrs. and Brent turned 12yrs. Oh my, they grow up so fast!

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of all the birthdays that have passed.

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