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Week 3

Wow what a day. Water balloons exploding in the kitchen and all. Boys I tell ya! Well at least my floor was mopped. I had them clean it good since it was so wet.

School is slowly getting done. I’m having a hard time adjusting to Memoria Press. I need to write more later but my oh my, their writing program is hard for me. I’m using words like, anemographia, dendographia, and ethopeia. It’s such a different way of teaching writing. I think I should have just continued with IEW but no, I had to purchase the whole-shebang from MP. I plan to give it a go though.

Lance is doing night school. He completed cursive, math, phonics, and got a few Latin words in. Unfortunately we are not following the Memoria Press schedule because he has difficulty with reading. Right now I’m trying to take care of that and hopefully next year (Jan.) we can start MP.

I spent sometime outside reading teacher manuals. I am so behind with preparing our school days. I also had fun being with Caleb too. I have been trying to catch the kids on the porch now and then and just spend some good quality time with them. Yesterday I caught Annette and we had fun chatting.

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  1. (((hugs))) to you and Lance. My daughter, E, is finally makes leaps and bounds in reading. She was always sharp as a tack in other areas, but putting letters together and reading words was challenging for her.

    I am sure that slowing down in other areas and concentrating on reading, Lance will make those giant steps and leaps, too.

    You are really incredible for running so many different guides/programs. That writing program sounds like it would be difficult for an adult..hehe!

    Happy Homeschooling!


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