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Quick “I’m Here” Post

Well it’s been a while since I posted, a while to me anyway. I know I keep saying how I miss blogging and I do, but life has been busy.

I did want to write about how school is going. Other than math and Latin most of it has fallen by the wayside. Next week I hope to be really diligent with Lance and continue to have the kids complete math and Latin (Latin includes grammar for Ethan, Brent, and Caleb).

The week after that (3rd week of Nov.) we will be taking a staycation. A whole week of and vacation at home. I’m not sure exactly what we will be doing. I know we will likely go to the zoo. I’ve been telling Lance for the past two years that we will go.

The fourth week we’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTmas break after that, so here’s what I plan to do. Regroup and start over in January.

During the month of December I’m going to get things ready for school. Clean out my kitchen school shelves and get all our books in order. Right now I have school books in the kitchen, my room, living room, and everywhere in between.

So right now I’m just going to continue with the basics and enjoy taking care of the little baby and spending time with the kids. We’ll still do school like watch an educational video or listen to audio books and of course read but I think for now we are going to just hang out. Maybe learn some hymns and did deeper in our Bible study.



  1. A season of rest and reflection sounds beautiful! May you really enjoy the simple learning moments while you regroup. It's a beautiful time of year to ponder your blessings.

    Sipping my morning coffee and whispering prayers.

  2. Thank you, it's hard sometimes because I feel like we should be doing more, sigh. I'm going to enjoy it though. Next week we start our stay-cation. Yay!

  3. I hope that you are enjoying your staycation!!!

    We are still plugging away with school and it's a relief that it's pretty much a good fit for my 8yo.

    My little one -- I think she is a little bored with Little Hands and I'm pondering (PRAYING) over starting Kindergarten really slow with her. She is nearing age 5 --ACK -- my baby!

    Missing you friend and really hope that you are feeling peace.


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