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Schoolhouse Review: French Essentials

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French Essentials is an interactive way to learn French. This program is very engaging and has your child reading, listening, speaking, and writing French, so it will appeal to the visual, auditory, and tactile learners. Your child will hear French words, phrases, sentences, etc. from native speakers (my son really thought that was neat!)

French Essentials Many Ways to Learn What I received was a full package which currently includes modules 1-5 (and more to come for a total of 10 modules).

Each single module cost $69.95 and gives you 90 days to download the lessons and workbooks. You also have unlimited access to Unlimited access to online exercises, activities, lesson tests & Savais-tu?

The full package cost $149.95 which includes all the modules, unlimited access to the online exercises, activities, lesson tests, & Savais-tu (French culture), plus you have 1 year to download the lessons and workbooks.

Recommended age for French Essentials is 3rd-12th grade. There is a free placement test your child can take so you’ll know exactly where to place your child(ren). I used this program with Joshua 10th grade and Annette 8th grade. Both haven’t had any previous French lessons. They just started with Module 1, lesson 1.

Approximate grade level equivalencies per French Essentials site:

Pre-highschool - Grades 4/5 - 7/8 Modules 1 – 5
Middle school (junior high) - Grades - 8-9 Modules 5 & 6
High school Grades 10-12 Modules 7-10

My son Joshua has been asking for over a year now if he could learn French so he was more then excited to be part of the French Essentials review.

As soon as our email arrived we signed up and started poking around. First place you’ll want to visit it the Student area.

 photo frenchessentialsscreenshot_zps981045a1.jpg
Next click on the Download Area.

Download Area 22

Click the first module and it will take you to the lessons.

French Essentials Lessons 
Once you click on a lesson it will download to your computer. You will want to make a folder and save the file.

In the module area toward the bottom of the page (scroll pass all the lessons) you’ll find the pdf workbook, answer keys, and a very helpful checklist.
French Essentials Parent Corner French Essentials teaches the internationally accepted pronunciation of the French language which is international French. The program uses interactive pdf lessons, worksheets, online flashcards, audio, videos, tests, and more to really engage your child with the program. There is so much included in the French Essentials program.

How We Used French Essentials: Before Joshua and Annette started I printed the a workbook for each one and 3-hole punched them to fit in their binders. Both kids were able to use French Essentials on their own. They would log into the account, complete the interactive pdf lesson and workbook page. When they finished their workbook page I allowed them to use the answer key to check their work.

I sat with Joshua a few times to get a feel for the program and I was amazed at how much you get with this program. I watched Joshua click different parts of the pdf lesson to hear a native French speaker

French Essentials pdf  In this particular lesson Joshua would click the questions or phrases at the top of the page to hear how to say in French “How old are you?” in an informal and casual way or a more formal and polite way.

He could also see that it was time to learn more about the culture because of the globe icon. This is what we all liked about the program, it walks you through everything. Joshua and Annette always knew what was expected of them because of the step by step instructions.

Icons throughout indicated when they would hear an audio or watch and interact with a video.

French Essentials

Joshua is in 10th grade and most likely will not complete all the French Essentials Modules. He would really have to work super hard and fast to complete all 10 (6-10 are still in the making).

Annette, on the other hand has a good chance of completing French Essentials at a steady pace of 2 (3 would be best for grades 8 & 9) modules a year.

My final thoughts: We love French Essentials!!! Annette and Josh have both mentioned a few times how much they like French Essentials and are so happy to be learning French. They love that they can work independently and so do I!

As a homeschooling mom of 6 children I think French Essentials is very economical. You don’t need to purchase it over and over. I can use this with all my children (as long as I download all the modules).

The only change I would suggest is to be able to download 1 whole module at a time. Currently we have to download each lesson. I don’t know if it’s even possible because of the size of the modules, but it would be nice.

You can find French Essentials at:

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