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I’m 42 Years Young ;)

My birthday started with a gift from the young lady that I babysit for.
I made sure to tell Lupe that I didn’t want a birthday party. I don’t mind celebrating another year but I don’t like being the center of attention. I get embarrassed, even when it’s just family.
Of course my Sweets didn’t listen Winking smile

He totally surprised me! I thought we were going out on a date, just me and my honey. Instead we were heading over to Mr. Jim’s Pizza where my dad, SIL, nieces, and nephews were waiting. My dad walked all the kids over.

I told my hubby way before my birthday that I won’t be eating any white flour and sugar cake. It’s low-carb all the way UNLESS it’s a Cake Boss cake. I have wanted to try one for a year now but they are so expensive.

Look! Buddy even put my name on it, just kidding =)
Annette and me. In the top photo she is trying not to be in the picture.
My SIL helped hubby and knew I like pink.

Blowing out the candles! That’s a lot of candles.

Yummy Cake Boss cake, thank you Lupe!

Brent peeking over the seat.

The love of my life!!! Red heartRed heartRed heart

Hubby buys me a birthday card every year and writes sweet things and how much he loved me. He is super like that.

Gift from Annette.

Annette gave me a candle warmer. You plug it into an outlet and the bulb heats the scented wax. I’m saving it though and will pack it away with my other stuff that I’m saving for our new home (not sure when we will move Confused smile).
From my SIL. She gives the neatest gifts. How did she know I wanted a paring knife!?!?!

Annette surprised me with a low-carb cake. What a great daughter I have.


  1. You look great! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Linda!! You look so pretty in all the pictures you posted. :)

    Glad you had a wonderful day with the family. Wish I could of been there to help celebrate. Love you lots!! <3

  3. Happy Birthday! A lovely birthday for a lovely person.


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