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My Poor Baby

My baby was not feeling well today. He said his stomach hurt and needed to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden I heard him yelling, “Help me, I hurt, somebody please HELP me!!! I go running to the bathroom thinking my babies appendix burst.

The bathroom was locked so it took me a while to get in. He kept yelling, “Hurry! I hurt”.

Thankfully it wasn’t his appendix, he was constipated. Poor guy. I gave him a TBL of Blackstrap Molasses and made him a cup of coffee. I sweetened the coffee with xylitol hoping it would speed thing up.

He was in so much pain. I tried to have him walk around to help get things going but he said he couldn’t. Finally I got him to lie down on the couch. I grabbed my coconut oil and gave him a massage. The massage relaxed him and he fell asleep.
Later he woke up in pain but was ready to go. I took him to the bathroom and the poor guy kept saying, “I can’t do this mom, it hurts too much”.

When it was all over Lance said, “I thought I was going to pass away”, my poor little guy thought he wasn’t going to live through it. He also said, “Mom, I feel like I’m having a baby” (he said this earlier)


  1. Oh my!! Poor guy! I am glad he is feeling better. I can only imagine the 'fear' that went through your body trying to get into the bathroom, the action plan that was going through your mind. Yikes!

    Give Lance a BIG hug for me. :)

  2. I will (((hugs))) to you and your family too =)

  3. Oh, poor thing! I can imagine his fear and yours, too :(

    I'm so glad that he was able to sleep.


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