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New Years Eve

Today I took the kids to the park. I hadn’t taken pics of the kids in front of the big tree. I wanted to make sure and take them before the city took the tree down.
Lance being silly!
And Ethan too. My silly boys!
The kids played some at the park. After we stopped at our favorite coffee shop.
What a beautiful cup of coffee. It was so good. I ordered the CinnaBabe made with almond milk. This is the only coffee place that I know serves almond milk, yay!
Homeschooling6 Coffee
Awww, what a good bunch of cute looking kids I have Open-mouthed smile
I need to come back tomorrow and finish.
Okay, I’m back, it wasn’t tomorrow but two days later. Here are the rest of the pictures.
My blessings
On the way home I had to take a picture of these interesting looking cabbage plant.
Cabbage plant
We had a fun day. Lance took his little remote car that is falling apart with us. He had fun with driving it around at the park.

Before I left I did have each child ‘donate’ a dollar if they wanted a fancy coffee. I told them they are expensive and it would help out some. I have noticed that they are all excited to get a fancy drink when I have to pay but when they do it’s another story. I know $4.00 is a lot to a kid but it’s a lot to me as well.

I love treating my children but at the same time I want them to understand that money doesn’t just grow up out of the ground. For the most part they are really good about money but it doesn’t hurt to remind them once in a while.
My coffee bill was $32.00 Surprised smile.

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