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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 31

Last night my hubby told Lance to make room for the milk and cheese that we purchased. I was in the kitchen reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, and I’d here Lance ask, “Is this still good?”. I was semi paying attention. I didn't realize he was organizing the fridge. What a sweetie!
The middle shelf has a super over ripe banana. The bowl has chocolate chip cookie dough. Josh likes it to be more firm when he bakes them.
As I’m typing:
~Joshua is completing his Heart of Dakota school
~Brent is just wandering around the house
~Annette, Caleb, Lance, went to the library with Grandpa
~Ethan is playing in his room
~Lupe is at work
~I am enjoying a cup of java with coconut cream and sweetened with Sweet Leaf Stevia

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 30

I ate my first cupcake made with white sugar and flour for the first time in over a year.
A church friend made it for me. It was so good. I loved the frosting.

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 30

This picture is called ‘Follow the Leader’!
Notice who the leader is? Too funny. I always say baby rules we drool, haha!

(Somehow this stayed as a draft, weird. Posting late and now have 2 day 30's. oops!)

Stick With It 6 Week Challenge (week 3!)

We are almost half way through with our challenge and it’s going nicely.
With Caleb and Brent we completed Spelling List 2 and 3. There are a lot of words that they have missed from previous list (like 10+). I plan to continue dictating these words but not focus our whole lesson on them. Each time they spell a word that they missed correctly 3x I won’t review it weekly, maybe monthly.

The words that they are misspelling they can read, so we will continue on with the Spelling List. My main focus is to get them reading well.

Lance came to the table not happy. He and Ethan had an argument.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
With Lance I reviewed some of the phonograms that he hasn’t memorized. I also dictated his first Spelling List!
Reading Lessons Through Literature
These phonogram cards are from Spell to Write and Read. I bought them used 4yrs. ago. The person had them professionally laminated, score!!!!
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Thankfully after a few minutes of sulking he was fine.

Here he is ready to go with Grandpa to find some cans.
He wanted to be ready because he was not sure when Grandpa was going to show up. My dad had a doctor appt.
A much happier Lance.
Here is Ethan, I had him and Lance come to the table at the same time.
Since I had both of them at the table and both in a fowl mood I knew I needed to do school. The question was how when they were not happy.
With Lance I let him finish feeling sorry for himself while I got my binder and the phonogram cards ready. By the time I was set Lance was not so mad anymore.

With Ethan, I didn’t want him leaving the table so I had him write the Old Testament Bible names. He does this daily anyway so it wasn’t a punishment which Ethan knew.

He just sat there. I did let him know that he was not allowed to leave his seat until he completed his copywork and it had to be neat.
Thank the Lord by the time he was done copying the Bible names he was almost back to his happy self. I say almost because when I told him it was time to do his phonograms he replied, “I don’t want to”, I just said find but we need to do school.

I calmly took out the phonogram cards and started. Not much longer he was fine.

Here he is happy, I just finished washing his hair in the bathroom sink (washed Brent’s too).
He’s trying not to smile.
Heart of Dakota
I don’t know how my girl can do her school work while I’m teaching but she does.
I made a snack. A pumpkin muffin in a mug. I’m still tweaking this recipe.

Brain Booster Candy

My children and even hubby love these ‘brain booster’ candies. They are so yummy. I tweaked the recipe Skinny Chocolate from Trim Healthy Mama and the kids renamed them because of all the health benefits of coconut oil.

These are Atkins and Ketogenic friendly =) 

Trim Healthy Mama Skinny Chocolate
Here’s my version:
1 cup coconut oil (it may need to be melted)
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 tablespoon vanilla
4 tablespoons powdered Xylitol or Truvia.
a pinch of salt

Whisk together and pour 1 tablespoon into each candy mold cavity (I use silicone molds) or line a baking/cookie sheet with wax paper and pour mixture over the wax paper. You can later break the chocolate.

I used XyloSweet but have also used my homemade Truvia which is basically 1 cup Erythritol and 1tsp.   NOW Better Stevia.

I have also made this recipe with 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1/2 cup ghee. It came out just fine. I was low on coconut oil but had lots of ghee.
I double the batch and let my children have two a day.

I love this recipe because each batch is consistent. Before it was a hit and miss with how many shakes of nunaturals and a few teaspoons of  Truvia was not enough.
Skinny Chocolate
You may have to experiment a little because there are so many sweeteners out there and they are all not the same (unfortunately). Before freezing the batch try a little and see if you need to adjust anything.

The yummy aftermath!
Skinny Chocolate
My poor and abused candy mold.
Skinny Chocolate
Here’s an interesting blog post for 101 Uses for Coconut Oil.
Another interesting article about coconut oil.

This  is the brownie mold I used. I found mine at Michael’s and used a 40% off coupon.  Because this is a brownie mold I only filled them half way pouring 1 tablespoon into each square mold. I placed the mold on  a cookie sheet before filling this way there was something stable under it as it will need to be transferred to the freezer or fridge.

The round candy mold is smaller and I think I found that one at Michael’s as well.

Pin it on Pinterest!

You can also make the Peanut Butter ones as well.

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 29

Today I thought I’d share what Ethan made.
I thought it looked great. Makes me want to shrink and play in his little Lincoln Log town.

Date Night

I’m a little late with writing about our date night. Saturday evening I babysat two girls ages 10 and 4, so hubby and I stayed home. We went out on Sunday instead. We took the little 7 month old baby boy that I watch with us.

For supper we ate at Taco Casa. It’s one of my Lupe’s favorite place (mine too). I ordered the Super Taco Salad. I only eat the inside and leave the taco shell.
We then had to stop at the apartments to drop off either an invoice or rental agreement. Can’t remember which.

After we took care of business we went to Half Price Books. I was looking for The Wizard of Oz. I own it but can’t find it. I must have put it in storage before Lupe set up the book catalog system.

I can’t believe Half Price didn’t have that one book. I always see The Wizard of Oz book there. In fact I see multiple copies.
On the way home we got a Starbucks coffee and went home to watch, Alaska the Last Frontier.

And that was our date night. The little guy was good as always.

As I’m typing at 10:19:
~Joshua and Brent are listening to a Jonathan Park cd
~The ‘Little Guy’ is sleeping in my room
~Ethan is sleeping on the couch
~Lance, Annette, and Caleb are listening to Adventures in Odyssey (they listen as they fall asleep)
~I’m typing this post
~Lupe is resting his eyes. I have a cold cloth on his eyes because his allergies are really bad this season. The worst he has ever experienced. He’s sneezing, has itchy watery eyes, coughing, and is blowing his nose all day. He started taking Zer something but I ordered some cherry bark and bayberry from Vitacost. I hope it will help.

Annette’s School (2013-2014)

It has been way to long since I’ve written much about my two older kiddos school. Today I thought I’d write a little bit about where Annette is at in her HOD studies.

She is still using Heart of Dakota’s Mission to Modern Marvels. She absolutely loves using Heart of Dakota.
Right now she is working through Unit 12.

Focus: The end of WWI, Gandhi in India and the Roaring Twenties
This week she is salt painting!
Heart of Dakota
During WWI salt became a target of boycott in India as a revolt against the British Rule. A salt tax let to protest in India (I learned something new!)
Heart of Dakota
Her current Storytime read is War Horse.
Heart of Dakota
Yesterday evening we watched the movie. Josh has already read the book last year.

Today Annette read or completed:
~War Horse
~Story of the World Vol. 4 about Gandhi
~President Notebook, she read about James Buchanan
~Worked on her timeline
~Read John 3:14-18
~Completed a lesson in Easy Grammar Plus
~Faith at Work: Lesson 10
~The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe
~I read Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here
~A lesson from Math-U-See Zeta

I had Annette’s and Joshua’s notebooks spiral bound. It makes it so much easier for them.
Here are some pics of the inside of her notebook.
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Both Annette and Josh like to use regular paper and then either glue or tape it into their notebook. Other times they write directly on the page.

The notebook pages are a bit shiny, they are beautiful but my kids don’t like the way it feels to write on them.

Here is how Annette’s space looked today.
Heart of Dakota
When she steps away I take a picture. It looks like she was completing her science. She uses the Periodic Table of Elements Placemat all the time. I need to get another one for Josh.

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 28

Today the kids were making what we call cheese crackers when Lance noticed one was shaped like a heart.

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 27

When I put the baby down for a bottle (I do hold him as well but sometimes I need to put him down), he always puts his leg up. It’s too funny!

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 26

My daughter made Mexican sopapillas, it was part of her school history project.
Heart of Dakota
After she cooked them she drizzled raw honey and sprinkled cinnamon. From what I heard they were very good.

Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 25

As you may know, I LOVE my coffee time Coffee cup. Sometimes I don’t actually get to sit and drink my coffee but that’s okay. I’m a mama of 6 and a babysitter of many little ones who come through the doors of Homeschooling6.
This java drinker is also a mug collector. I have many favorites for different reasons. One maybe that a sister or dear friend gave it to me. Sometimes it’s a place like Yellowstone Park that we visited, this favorite mug doesn’t have any sentimental value. It’s just cozy. It reminds me of snuggling with my children.
It’s a good size coffee mug too, 16oz!
Lately I’ve been drinking my coffee with 2 packets of Sweet Leaf Stevia and coconut cream, yum!
I love my heavy cream and half and half but I’m trying to eliminate a little more dairy in my life. It’s so hard to find a good dairy source so coconut milk it is for me.
I still have some organic half and half in the fridge so I haven’t completely switched over but thankfully I’m getting use to coconut cream. It really is good and the cream doesn’t seem to look as ugly in my coffee like coconut milk did. I do stir vigorously as I pour it in my coffee though. Not so much that it’s flying out of my mug and making a mess, just more than I would cream or half and half.
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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 24

Today’s weather, I know it’s not a picture that I actually took but I wanted to ‘click’ the weather.
Weather clip source: http://www.weather.com/

Stick with it 6 Week Challenge-Week 2

It’s been cold here at Homeschooling6. We covet our little heaters. As I’m typing I have the oven on and a heater next to me.

Wow, another week done with Stick with it Challenge! Can’t believe I’m a third way through the challenge.

Just a refresher, the challenge is to stick with a phonics/reading program with my four younger children: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance. Only do math and Reading Lessons Through Literature during the challenge. If I fit another subject in that’s wonderful but my goal is to stick with reading and math.
During this time I’m trying to figure out what writing program I want to use, there are a few I’m pondering but I have no idea. The writing program from Memoria Press was not my cup of tea. 
I had a hard time with it, it took too much time not only to teach it but prepare as well. I even purchased the DVD to help but it wasn’t going to work.

Yesterday (Thursday) I’ll admit I didn’t do phonograms with Lance. My commitment is 4 times a week so I can make that day up with Lance on Friday or Saturday. I did teach the other children though. I didn’t take any pictures of them using Reading Lessons Through Literature today.

Week 2-Day 3 (1/22/13)
Teaching Textbooks
I had Annette take a day off from MUS to take a placement test from Teaching Textbooks. I like to do that now-and-then.
Teaching Textbooks
The boys completing their AWANA lessons.
Heart of Dakota
Joshua reading from his science text.

With Caleb and Brent I read another chapter from Narnia. I want to use Further Up and Further In with them this year but I don’t really like it all that much. I think because it’s to loosey-goosey with the Language Arts, the science would be nice but I’m not into a whole lot of researching. We don’t get to the library much, don’t have a set of encyclopedias, and I don’t want the kids online researching (the younger ones).

I think I’d like the science and history more if we had a set of encyclopedias. This way the kids can go read up on the subject then write a paragraph or outline.
Further Up and Further In
I do like the Bible part though. Some days there are three sections for the Bible and it’s a lot. I know we can pick and choose but it’s all so good.

Week 2-Day 4 (1/23/13)
Heart of Dakota
Annette working in her notebook.
Heart of Dakota
Annette doing a Math-U-See assignment.
Today with Caleb and Brent I had them review any missed words from the spelling list. They also reviewed all the 2+ letter phonograms (cei, ti, ight, etc.).

Caleb and Brent had a fun time. Sometimes I act silly and make them laugh other times they act silly and make me laugh. Today we had extra laughs because we were all acting silly.
Things I hear as we do our Reading Lesson Through Literature:
~I got this!
~In the dust! (this is when they get competitive with each other, all in fun of course!)

Once done with their reading lesson I had them write any misspelled words three times each as well as the phonograms. They are instructed to say the sounds of the phonogram each time they write. With their spelling words I have them say all the letters, t-h-e-y-‘-r-e, I also have them study the phonograms within the word, th ey etc.

With Ethan, I printed out another schedule page and went through all the phonograms again. I crossed out all the ones he knew immediately. This way I know which ones he needs to work on. I was keeping separate piles of the phonogram cards, some were rubber band together, others were grouped together, and I was getting so confused.

Printing a schedule for each child and marking them is really a lot easier.
Reading Lesson Schedule
This is a picture from last week but basically I printed one for each child, crossed out the phonograms, and can now see at-a-glance which ones Ethan, Caleb, Brent, and Lance need to practice more. Instead of going over all the phonograms we can concentrate on the ones that they need practice with.

When I called Lance for school he did NOT want to come. He came with a sulky attitude. I tried to capture it but instead I got a Lance with a smile.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I didn’t make a big deal about, just started school and soon he was a happy boy again.
Lance looking overly happy.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Lance writing a phonogram.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Lance loving his school time.