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Annette’s School (2013-2014)

It has been way to long since I’ve written much about my two older kiddos school. Today I thought I’d write a little bit about where Annette is at in her HOD studies.

She is still using Heart of Dakota’s Mission to Modern Marvels. She absolutely loves using Heart of Dakota.
Right now she is working through Unit 12.

Focus: The end of WWI, Gandhi in India and the Roaring Twenties
This week she is salt painting!
Heart of Dakota
During WWI salt became a target of boycott in India as a revolt against the British Rule. A salt tax let to protest in India (I learned something new!)
Heart of Dakota
Her current Storytime read is War Horse.
Heart of Dakota
Yesterday evening we watched the movie. Josh has already read the book last year.

Today Annette read or completed:
~War Horse
~Story of the World Vol. 4 about Gandhi
~President Notebook, she read about James Buchanan
~Worked on her timeline
~Read John 3:14-18
~Completed a lesson in Easy Grammar Plus
~Faith at Work: Lesson 10
~The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe
~I read Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here
~A lesson from Math-U-See Zeta

I had Annette’s and Joshua’s notebooks spiral bound. It makes it so much easier for them.
Here are some pics of the inside of her notebook.
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Both Annette and Josh like to use regular paper and then either glue or tape it into their notebook. Other times they write directly on the page.

The notebook pages are a bit shiny, they are beautiful but my kids don’t like the way it feels to write on them.

Here is how Annette’s space looked today.
Heart of Dakota
When she steps away I take a picture. It looks like she was completing her science. She uses the Periodic Table of Elements Placemat all the time. I need to get another one for Josh.


  1. Oh, this looks like fun! This a program I am looking at "beefing up".

    We have a high school year to fill as my daughter will have a year of American History & government/Econ and then we are not sure what to use. HOD doesn't have the 2 Amer. History years started/completed yet....so we are praying over our dd's final 2 years.

  2. Same here, I am looking at MFW for Joshua's last two years of high school. Joshua really likes HOD though and I feel bad switching him yet again.


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