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Click 365 Days-Day 5

Today’s picture is what I had for brunch the other day.
Now why in the world would I post a picture of my scrambled egg? Well if you have followed my blog you probably know that I started eating the Atkins way. I love this ‘diet’ because I get to eat good food. I don’t have to give up cooking with butter, ghee, coconut oil, and bacon grease.
I can eat an egg cooked in butter with onions, mushrooms, hot dogs (I know not the greatest choice of meat but I was craving them for some odd reason, I did buy the best I could afford Winking smile ), and some avocado on the side. Yum!
I still try to get my 15 net carbs of veggies day. While on Atkins I have not only lost weight but tamed my cholesterol. I feel healthier and hubby says I look healthier too.
I enjoy many delicious low carb treats, enjoy my coffee with cream or half and half. I love not feeling guilty when eating food that most would say is not good for me.
I don’t miss my bread and bagels at all (most of the time). I stay away from high carbohydrate foods that do nothing for my health like rice, flour, sugar, etc.. I don’t eat foods with wheat flour or sugar (99% of the time).
I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family too. I made everything low glycemic so it wouldn’t mess with my blood sugar. The whole family didn’t even realize that the mash potatoes were not potatoes at all. I later told them that they enjoyed cauliflower.
I drink lots of coconut milk too. I add it to my smoothies (yes I get to enjoy smoothies), baked goods, and coffee.
And eating out is so easy on Atkins. Just order your veggies and meat and stay away from the bread or tortilla basket. The other day we ate at “On the Border”, I ordered fajitas. It was so good. I ate the veggies, shrimp, pulled pork, steak, and chicken, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole. I didn’t touch the beans and rice. It was that easy. I enjoyed a nice meal with my family and didn’t feel deprived, not one bit.
Here are a few websites that I like to visit and have tried some recipes. There are many more out there too.
Satisfying Eats
247 Low-Carb Diner
Nom Nom Paleo
Balanced Bites
Low-Carb Kitty
Low-Carb 360
Buttoni’s Low-carb Recipes
All Day I Dream About Food
Healthy Living How To
The Paleo Mom
Some of the above blogs/websites have Paleo recipes so you might see raw honey, maple syrup, and such. I usually swap those for stevia if possible. If not I make them for the kids and hubby.
I’m also linking up to 52 Weeks of Favorite Anything which for me this week is: Atkins my favorite ‘diet’.
Favorties Graphic_thumb[2][4]
Atkins has a new book “The New Atkins Made Easy” to help make it even easier with getting started.


  1. You are doing soo good! I wish I would have had this for dinner, but we were out of town & with my pain levels still not good, I know that I didn't eat well.

    Thanks for the encouragement this evening before I head to bed.

  2. I was eating a low glycemic diet for a while and really felt good on it. Can't remember how I fell off the wagon, but I sure need to jump back on! :)

  3. I'll pray for you today. I hope you were able to get a good nights rest.

  4. Thank you so much for linking up! I went off of my low-carb low glycemic diet over the holidays and I am back on it. I love hearing about others having success with controlled carb diets!

  5. Hi, Tess, thanks for stopping by =) Glad to hear you are jumping back into a lower carb diet. I love eating this way.


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