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Date Night

It’s been a while since I wrote a Date Night post. Hubby and I still go out every Saturday and sometimes we take a long the little guy if I’m watching him. Thankfully he still sleeps a lot, haha. He’s fun to bring, you should see the looks we get. You’d think people never saw a Hispanic couple with a light skinned baby Winking smile.  My grandmother was very light-skinned, so was my Uncle Henry, and my sister. Most people don’t know they are Hispanic, okay, I’m way off topic, back to my date night post.

Our first stop, Brookshires, they had aluminum foil on sale for $0.75, can’t beat that. We bought a years worth.

Then off Kid to Kid. We need a highchair for the baby I watch. It hurts to buy one considering we use to have two before. Kid to Kid only had a pink one so we passed and will try again another day.

We were both hungry and wanted a steak, yum, we love red meat. My hubby splurged and took me to Cracker Barrel.
I couldn’t resist eating one biscuit. I love biscuits. I really need to find a recipe for a good, flaky, low-carb biscuit.

I did good with ordering veggies. I had broccoli, cucumber, and tomatoes. I also enjoyed a small sweet potato with cinnamon and butter. It was so good. I ate everything.
Cracker barrel
I should have covered the ‘juices’ so my picture of food would have looked better. Here is another pic without the red juice.

I really enjoyed that meal, I think I said that already but it was so good. Especially since my lunch was only a hard boiled egg with two turkey lettuce wraps. It was a good lunch but it had been five hours since I ate.

We had a coupon for a free coffee at Starbucks so that was our next stop. We both brought something to read.
Lupe took his Sunday School material to read, he teaches tomorrow.

My book was Six Ways To Keep The “Good” In Your Boy it’s a good read and I highly suggest every mother of boys read it.

After Starbucks we came home.


  1. Sounds like a fun date night.

  2. Looks like a lovely date with yummy food. We are hoping to have a date day this week, too.

  3. YUM!!! But, I really came to say that you crack me up! I *think* I am real in my posts until I read yours, LOL! I love how real you are. That steak does look good, oh my!

  4. Thank you Michelle, you should really see the looks though. Too funny, oh and when they say,"I remember when mine were that young", hehe, then they tell me their oldest is 7.


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